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Hi! I am still blogging about my gorgeous teenage daughter who was diagnosed with T1 almost three years ago. Please check out my blog and join the conversation! I would love to hear your comments. Thanks

Oops forgot to give the link…

Hi Wendy @francesjean,
It looks as if you have an interesting blog, and NO, I didn’t yet read it thoroughly. And I find it very interesting how you introduce your self on tour blog.
You are apparently doing well acclimating your daughter [ and your blog followers] to the world of TypeOne Management - not an easy tast and one that is always a moving target - or that is what I’ve found during my 60+ plus years living with diabetes. I hope that soon, you will be shifting from the mainly “mothering” to more of a consultant - a person full of knowledge for your daughter to bounce concerns and questions as she becomes manager of HER T1D.

Hi Dennis

Thanks for the comment, and for taking a look at the blog. I see your point about my daughter taking management of her diabetes - she is an independent, capable, and mature. teenager. Of course, like every mother, I want to keep her safe and give her a safety net so that she can have freedom to be who she needs to be! I wanted to write about my experiences as a mother with a child living with diabetes, hence my introduction. I would love your feedback from blog entries, if you have the time.