Reoccuring UTI's

I think I was borderline for about a year before being diagnosed with type 1 in July, and throughout that time I starting getting UTIs like almost every month, never had a problem with UTI’s before being diabetic. In the past 17 months I’ve had 12 UTI’s and each time they were able to isolate the bacteria it was staph. I’ve tried all the recommendations, cranberry pills, cranberry juice, vitamin C and E, D mannose, and Uqora (which worked for about 4 months and then the UTI’s came back). My doctors are very unhelpful and I’ve become resistant to so many antibiotics and also would not like to be using antibiotics constantly anymore. I’m really at a loss here and am sick of getting UTI’s every 3 or 4 weeks frowning, any suggestions?

The only natural “treatment” that comes to my mind is cranberry juice but this is a robust forum so you may very other ideas.
I just wanted to ask what doctors you’ve checked with? I had a diabetes specialist who sent me to my PCP when I shared a suspicion of infection at a visit. My Zpcp is more helpful than my endo with regards to certain issues, or they can refer you to someone who might be able to help.
I suffered with UTIs in high school and college, after which they went away on their own. BG meters were just out at the time and I don’t know if something about my control improved, the change was coincidental, or some other factor such as stress was eliminated. Wishing you the best.

Well my GP sent me to urology but the doctor was very unhelpful and just suggested cranberry pills and D mannose, which I’ve tried and didn’t work unfortunately. I didn’t bring it up with my endo yet but I can definitely give it a try. My blood sugars are normal, not too high, but it could be stress related I suppose. Thanks for the help!

My husband is from West Africa and prefers herbal remedies whenever they are an option - for those who know what they are doing there can be relief in your own back yard. I’m not a doctor and can’t prescribe anything but week recommend you research the benefits of ginger and moringa as a couple more options and I’m sure there are others as well. My husband makes his own ginger juice and it’s a secret family recipe but you can find recipes online to try. I suggest measuring the ingredients carefully and plugging them into your diabetes tracker to calculate the carb count.
If you want to try moringa I’ve read that it can integer with some medications and it can help with glucose levels. I’ve tried his concoction and didn’t notice any didn’t side effects myself but be sure to check out all warnings with any herbal treatment so you’ll be aware of conflicts with other meds, and possible effects on glucose.
Western medicine does not tend to focus on the healing power of the foods and herbs we eat, which is ironic since health is largely about food choices.

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I have had a lifetime of UTIs and vaginal infections until a few years ago when a physician recommended an OTC probiotic [Fem Dophilus]. Since I started taking it I have had no infections.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Hi. I went through a spell of UTI’s also, and at the risk of TMI i’m going to share with you my treatment. I was told that I should take an antibiotic “postcoital.” I thought the Dr. was crazy and I rejected it. Did the cranberry, other OTC remedies for a bit longer and upon visiting another specialist was told the same therapeutic remedy. I Have only had 1 UTI in three years now. I now take Nitrofurantoin which is generic for Macrodantin. Not sure if this would pertain to you in any way, but maybe this info can be helpful.

Hi Autumn,

I’ve also had UTIs. My ObGyn told me to make sure my partner washed his hands before intercourse (as well as making sure to wash my own). This is what I have done and it worked. In fact, I can always tell when my husband has not washed his hands because I get a UTI by the next morning!


Thanks for the help! I’ll see if they help at all :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for the advice @pamcklein , however sexual activity doesn’t trigger UTIs for me, kind of have been able to do a process of elimination, but still don’t know what the trigger is.