Removing the black goo?

That’s left behind by Dexcom sensors, infusion sites. I have always used goo gone and it’s worked great but my wife thinks it will give me cancer

I use Unisolve, it works great!


My Medtronic Guardian transmitter gets gooy from all the tape…if you take an alcohol swab or two and “massage” the affected area, the black stuff comes off pretty easily.

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I’ve never had this problem with my sensors but baby oil usually helps remove sticky stuff.

I used tacky glue for awhile but have switched to an item called grifgrips. They do an awesome job keeping my sensors in place and will last 2-4 weeks. They are a pad that fits over your sensor and leave very little sticky residue behind. They’re great

I know this sounds funny but I just use a little olive oil which seems to break down the adhesive and I can roll/rub the black goo off. Pretty gentle on skin and I always have it around!

Unisolve is medical grade. Safe, very effective, available on Amazon :blush:

I second (or third, or fourth… whatever) the Unisolve. We buy it buy the bottle on Amazon and use it to soak the patches for easy removal. The wipes don’t have enough on them to soak the patch, but help with the cleanup afterwards. I keep the wipes in our travel bag in case we have a sensor fall off while we are out and about.

I too get the left over adhesive stuck on my skin and transmitter. The medtronic rep told me about TacAway - adhesive remover wipes. They work great for me! No more sticky mess.

I use lemon essential oil, i find that citrus takes it off fast and it doesn’t irritate the skin