Recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Type 1

I am a 27 yr old female and I've only had type 1 for 4 months. My glucose control is okay (recent a1c was 6.1) and unfortunately, I've had 3 UTIs in these last 4 months of living with type1. The first turned into a kidney infection (originally what sent me to the ER, where I was diagnosed with diabetes). Such frequent UTIs are really affecting the quality of my life and I'm disappointed that I keep having to take antibiotics. I don't think I can keep living like this!

Does anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions on how to cope with / treat frequent UTIs? Will better glucose control mean fewer UTIs? My doctor didn't seem to have a definite response to my questions...

Not every person with diabetes gets UTIs, but if you are prone to them diabetes definitely makes them more likely.  When you have a high blood sugar the kidneys clean the glucose out of the blood and the glucose is urinated out.  That sugary urine makes the urinary tract more succeptible to infections.

I'm not sure what you can do, beyond taking medication, avoiding high blood sugars as much as possible, and drinking lots of water.  

Try not to be discouraged.  When you are first diagnosed it takes your body time to stabilize.  I've never heard of any person with diabetes having UTIs their whole life.  

Thanks for the reply Jenna. I've been able to change my diet and I started taking a really intense probiotic and I haven't had any UTI symptoms since!

That's great!  Glad you found something that's helping.