Question about Dexcom

What is a Dexcom what dose it do

its a cgm so monitors your glucose level instead of fingerpricking to find out

Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device. They way it works is by inserting a sensor into the skin, kind of like a pump site. Then using either a receiver or your apple phone the senor transmits blood sugar readings every five minutes. It creates a graph of your blood sugar readings and can tell you which direction your blood sugar is going. If your blood sugar is going up or down rapidly it will also indicate that. You set parameters based on what you and your doctor decide and when your blood sugar goes either higher or lower than those parameters your receiver will alarm. It is an amazing tool! It has helped me keep my blood sugar in tighter range and several times my husband has woken up to a low blood sugar alarm and been able to treat me, potentially saving my life.

Dr. Ponder has a great book that teaches you how to use your dexcom or cgm to it’s greatest potential. It’s called “Sugar Surfing”.

I wanted to add on a personal note that I have had my Dexcom for more than a year now and I love it! I find it to be accurate and incredibly useful. I never liked the hassle of having to pull out my finger pricker and testing every time I needed to know my sugar levels… But with the Dexcom CGM you only have to test 2 times a days and then can just look at your receiver and get a new reading every 5 minutes which I find to be easy and fast! Hope I helped…