PrePregnancy Appointment

So I'm doing all this research in preparation for pregnancy and I read EVERYWHERE about having a prepregnancy appointment but when I called my doc's office to schedule my yearly and I asked, since its so close to when I can start TTC should I just come in for a prepregnancy appointment.....

Well, The woman on the other end of the line had no idea what I was talking about.  Which I thought was really odd considering everything I've been reading.

So my question to you moms or moms to be - is there a such thing? or do you just go in for your yearly and have the normal exam done and then have the prepreg convo and request all the other blood test etc?

I never had a pre-pregnancy appointment for either of my pregnancies per se. My endo knew I wanted to get pregnant, so we made sure that my control was really tight. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was referred to a high-risk OB, and she took over all my diabetes care. BUT I am a type 1, I know I have seen type 2 women at my OB's office pre-pregnancy, so I am not sure what your situation is. Good luck! 

Thanks for your response Katie :)

I'm also a T1 and I did meet with a high risk OB who "ok'd" the us trying in a few months - once I was able to get off some of my arthritis meds - and according to them they will work along with my normal OB.  If things get complicated they will take over but if everything going well they will just look over everything and occasionally do the ultrasounds.

My question is geared more towards things like - I need to have a blood test done to see if I have the gene for Cystic Fibrosis and, from what I’ve been reading, I should get a blood test done to see if all my immunizations are up to date, when do I start prenatal vitamins etc etc. 

Hey Stacey,

I went for my yearly and then went to a prepregnancy consult with the high risk doctor a month later. After that she told me what tests she wanted me to get done before giving me the ok (it was was an EKG even though I don't have any history of diabetes complications). But it was a good consultation because they prepare you for what complications you may encounter.

Anyway, from my experience, just start trying to conceive even if you haven't seen the doctor yet because, believe me, you probably won't get pregnant right away but I hope you do! My one regret was wasting so much time (1.5 years) waiting for the ok's of sooo many doctors just to find out that when I was actually given the ok (because I was diabetic), I found out that I am infertile....oh well, what can you do.

Good luck and all the best wishes for you!


Call again.  Just because the receptionist doesn't know what's going on doesn't mean the doctor won't.  Just tell them you want to see the doctor for a follow up, etc... Just get in there.  Once in you'll have the opportunity to talk to the doctor so that he/she can advise you correctly.

FYI - I went to a genetic counselor just before getting pregnant.  My biggest motivation was becaue my husband (ex now) is a adopted child so I wanted to see if we could get some genetic information on him.  They were very useful and they covered all major genetic ailments not just diabetes - and probably the most useful information was that they advised that if my ob recommended an amniosentesis - don't do it!!! It's not worth the risk and so at the 20 week mark I quickly refused.