Omnipod View application

Hi. Is anyone else having issues with the View app not updating? The group on Facebook had several users reporting the same problem; Some history is updating but a red banner is seen indicating it is not in sync. I have deleted the app several times, deleted and added new viewers all with the same result.

My son goes back to school on Monday and I really need this to keep an eye on him and help the school nurse make good decisions.

I suppose I am asking if anyone knows of a place where Omnipod outages are listed similar to Dexcom who has complete transparency on their outages and problems.

hi @Mbennettbrown my goto is “downdetector” but omnipod/insulet is not a listed company.

The 24/7 customer care number at Insulet (Omnipod) listed on the “View APP” instructions is 1-800-591-3455. the guide is here

good luck.