Omnipod PDM basal and Bolus

Hi! I am looking into getting a Omnipod PDM.
Would it give me my Bolus and basal?

Yes Chelsea @Chels79 the Insulet OmniPod delivers both basal and bolus - you will fill it with rapid-acting insulin such as Humalog or Novolog.
The pump is controlled through a hand-held communicator through which you program such things as basal rates, carb/insulin ratios and sensitivity factors and through which you enter carb counts for meals or correction bolus.

In about another year, it is expected that a newer version of OmniPod will be completed and approved for use that will pare with continuous glucose monitoring forming a “closed loop” system.

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Thank you so much Dennis!

Thanks you Dennis. I’m interested on the Omnipod for my next pump

Their next gen pod is do out in the next few month and it’s called the Omnipod Dash. Just a heads up.


I was one of the first Omipod users and have been very happy with it. It does, in fact, provide you with the ability to program both a basal rate (or multiple of them) and a bolus amount.

Having multiple basal rates may be very useful since you can have one setting to adjust for sports and exercise for example, or another setting for just normal daily usage.

The bolus amounts may be calculated automatically based upon carbohydrate and protein intake or the bolus may be entered manually.

I like the Omnipod as it’s wireless, and that makes it compatible for sports and exercise, rather than having to rely upon a fixed tube which could get in the way.

My endo’s office said not many people where I live use the Omnipod, because “there aren’t any reps around here.” What does that have to do with anything??? I want to find the products that help me manage my condition in the best way possible. I’m new to T1D (4 months since diagnosis) and there’s still a ton to learn, but this sounds really backwards to me.

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@Lmolmen hi Lisa, the reps train you and then can be available for support, questions, whatever. When I change pumps, a rep/trainer shows me how it works. In my opinion, this is totally optional. If you like tech, understand pumping (I recommend reading “Pumping Insulin”) you will not have a problem who cares if there is no area rep since for pod replacements you will be calling Insulet directly.

Get the pump you want. Good luck!

Hi Chelsea, I use the Omnipod system and confirm Dennis’ feedback. It is a great pump in my opinion. The basal is preset by you & your doc. The bolus calculated by the carb amount you input into pdm (personal monitoring device), along with the carb/ insulin ratio setting. I can confirm also there will shortly be an update called Dash. It has yet to be released, but imminent. Good luck with whichever pump you opt for.

Hi Lisa, the Rep will show you how the pump works, starting with a trial often using saline. Initially the rep assisted in getting the basal set up for me. Meaning blood tests every hr to making minor adjustments to ensure blood is in range. It would be good idea to ask your endo doctor if they’ve experience with Omnipod. Ive has mine for a long time, initially my endo doc was not familiar, however now, very informed. It can take a little while to adjust to using a pump, however control is, in my opinion, easier to manage. It allows to adjust for high/low activities such a lower the basal for an 1hr workout class or snow skiing for 6hrs.
Omnipod also offer tech support 24/7 which can be useful.
If you decide to go the Omnipod route, I would recommend investing in Skintac, it helps keep pod in place during workouts/summertime.
Good luck!