Not sure was going on

So my daughter has been diagnosed now for two months what is weird is it seems like her pancreas is producing more than it was in the beginning is this normal

yes @KreeyS, once you start insulin treatments, many people begin to make insulin again. for some people, they stop taking (injecting) insulin entirely during this time. for others, just meal time insulin and some just need a tiny amount. this situation will change and eventually she will make zero insulin and be completely dependent on injected insulin. the way you tell is by testing. hope you are doing ok.

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This is commonly known as the honeymoon stage. Unfortunately it also makes dosing insulin very difficult. I experienced a very similar issue but it was 20+ years ago for me. As previously mentioned at some point she will stop making as much and her injection needs will increase again.

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@KreeyS. Joe & Jason, combined, have given you the same words I would have used. Their words are true and can be trusted.

The one item to watch for is when her insulin production STOPS and her glucose goes thru the roof suddenly. Monitor her blood sugar according to her doctor’s instructions. Meet with a CDE in the doctor’s office. (CDE= Certified Diabetes Educator - either an RN or Dietician with specialized training and credentialling)

You did not share your daughter’s age. Growth spurts and other milestones of growing up can throw anything and everything into your path and make the journey seem strange or unpredictable.

Please share what happens… It is how we all learn.

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With some looking up. It’s the only thing that could be going through on…
I’ve had diabetes since 85” I was really young so I was panicking a little bit… try to figure out what was going on… Thank You Everyone

My daughter experienced what you’re describing for a year. She didn’t need insulin for the entire year after diagnosis