Not sure all insulin went in

Hi everyone,

When should I check my blood after a meal where I think I took 2 units but the needle came out and lots of insulin was on the needle? Not sure how much of the dosage I got. So I took 2 units again and increased my carbs a little at dinner. Ahhhh!
I use Humalog, btw.

@HopeFloats2020 , Time will tell and you can always take more medicine. In 4 hours from your 2nd shot, the Humalog will no longer be working.

That liquid may just be interstitial fluid. Clear and it fools you into thinking it’s insulin. When I give an injection I press the button or plunger, count to 4, and then remove the needle. Even so there is sometimes a drop.

In 2 hours after your 2nd shot, your blood sugar could be 50 mg/dl or higher than your starting blood sugar before the meal. If it’s 100 more you might need more insulin, if it’s less than 50 you may need to add some carbs like juice or glucose. Even if it’s a little high you can get in trouble fast if you are injecting before that 4 hour mark. That’s what we call “stacking” Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks, Joe! Appreciate the response.