No such thing as a cure



i would agree, as long as you add... "yet".  

there are really cool things happening in monoclonal antibody research and iRNA, and glycosylated yeast (like the pichia) offer a possible way to tune antibody responses in humans.  these things are going on right now....  ain't sayin it's going to be tomorrow... but I am not giving up.

There is no cure, YET but you have to stay hopeful!

I have a very strong feeling that a cure is very possible and easy too

I believe a cure is possible, but definitely not easy. First of all you would have to find a way to turn off the autoimmune response of the body. Something currently not easily acheivable without dangerous medications. Then you would have to grow back the dead cells. And this is something we can't do yet. We can't grow back fingers, toes, or organ parts. So it will be a tough cure.