Newbie Here :)

Hi, Hi, Everyone,

I just joined the group and am so looking forward to meeting new friends. I love to watch Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown and the Vampire Diaries just to name a few. I hope to meet other friends to email back and forth.

you came to the right place if you love to chat. we have all sorts of random conversations going on in this group. it's my favorite one :o)

Hey C,

I can’t wait to get into so really great chit chat here. Hey does anyone here watch the show “The Vampire Diaries” I watch it every Thurs. night and can’t wait to f the series to come out on dvd this summer.

I watch The Vampire Diaries. I have a crush on Damon. :) I'm a bigger fan of True Blood on HBO. I can't resist a good vampire series. I read a lot of fantasy novels too, includung the Sookie Stackhouse novels that True Blood is based on. I haven't read any of The Vampire Diaries though.

outside of football or baseball, i don't really watch tv. even with sports, i usually end up having to go to the website to see the scores. if i hear of a show that sounds interesting, i'll netflix the seasons. i've seen all of the sopranos, dexter, and lost. my schedule is always changing, so i'm never at home the same time every night to watch a tv show. i watch a lot of movies though :o) movies are my downfall. i will skip out on sleep to watch a movie - even if it's one i've seen a 1000 times.

Hey C,

I am like that about movies that I like earlier :slight_smile: I have never watched the “Sopranos” but my friend has told me that the opening credits park scene was filmed in our hometown so thats pretty cool :slight_smile:

Complications of diabetes are so dam hard on me, how do you deal with all the constant changes and new complications that always turn up?

Hi Trish,

I also think that Damon on “The Vampire Diaries” is hot, with those gorgeous blue eyes lol.

On Thurs. nights I go sit in my office and tell hubby to stay out cause I don’t want him coming in and talking during my show lol.

I can’t wait for season 1 of “The Vampire Diaries” to come out on dvd this summer, then I can watch it anytime I want.

I just bought the complete season of “Moonlight” a few weeks ago to add to my collection of vampire shows lol.

I watched the 1st season of "Moonlight". Didn't it get cancelled after that?

It's funny you should say that about your husband. Mine came in from a meeting at his job this past Thursday and started talking and I put up a finger and shushed him. I asked him what was up when the commercial came on and when the show came back I told him to pause 'til the next break. ;)

It's not just Damon's looks. I always have a weakness for the guys who aren't as bad as they think they are. Or as bad as they want others to think they are, anyway.

Hi Trish,

Your right about “Moonlight” it only had something like 12 or so episodes in total so its only 3 dvds in the entire series.

Your right about Damon, he isn’t as bad as he thinks he is at all but he sure is REALLY NICE EYE CANDY just the same.

Sorta like Spike was on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” he played at being so big and bad but he wasn’t all that bad at all. lol

[quote user="MissVampyr"]Hey C,

Complications of diabetes are so dam hard on me, how do you deal with all the constant changes and new complications that always turn up?


I feel sad about it for awhile. Even though complications aren't necessarily my fault, it's hard not to feel guilty or like I failed at being diabetic somehow. In the end, the only thing I can do is continue to take the best care of myself possible, which isn't all that easy either. It does help me to feel better in a way knowing anything that happens isn't because of something I did. But it's also hard not to feel defeated when complications do come around (despite good care).

I suppose I let myself be depressed about it for a bit - it's normal to have those feelings. But then I tell myself I have to move on. It's entirely too easy for me to get stuck in a self-pitying rut. I know I do the best I can - that's all I can do. I keep a relatively good attitude about myself because I strongly believe attitude is everything. When I'm feeling down, I have people I can go to (family, friends, Juvenation) who help me feel better. A lot of times, it's just talking to someone to help me move past the hump. Even though I don't take joy in being diabetic or having diabetes, I take joy in everything else life offers. It also makes me feel good to know I'm helping others on here or at my job. That's part of the reason I went into dietetics - to help other diabetics. Life with diabetes is rough - no one will deny that. But there is a lot more to life to look forward to than there is to feel sad about.

I will also admit I hate change, but when it comes to changing basal rates or bolus ratios (or something else diabetes related), I find this easy. It's also encouraging because I know I'm doing something to better myself. I've had diabetes long enough that I really don't think it can throw me any more surprises. Whatever comes, I'm ready for it. There's not much other than that I can do.

[quote user="MissVampyr"]

Your right about Damon, he isn't as bad as he thinks he is at all but he sure is REALLY NICE EYE CANDY just the same.

Sorta like Spike was on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" he played at being so big and bad but he wasn't all that bad at all. lol


Agreed. Yes, Damon is HOT! I haven't thought about Spike in years. Going back to my fave show "True Blood," Eric is the vampire I love. Another not-as-bad-as-he-seems guy. :) You should check that show out if you have a chance.

Hi Trish,

Does “Tru Blood” come out on dvd cause if it does then I would be able to check it out so let me know.

Have a great day.

I looked it up, both seasons are on DVD. :) It's a HBO show so it's not PG like the rest of them. It gets really risk-ay. The new season finally starts next month.

Hi Trish,

Thanks for the info, I will see where I can rent the dvds to see if its something that I like.

I don’t like to buy dvds unless I check them out to see if its something I will want to watch again.

But again thanks for getting me the info.