New to this site! 😄

Hi there!
My name is Denise. I’m 24 years old and have been a diabetic for 10 years now. This is my first time reaching out to others for online help and support so it’s a bit nerve racking but I hope I can meet new people with diabetes and maybe share some stories. A little bit about myself… I love in California and currently work with my Endo :sweat_smile: it’s exciting to work there when new things come out and I am the first to try it by also scary when you know you HaVE to be on top of your diabetes cause your boss is asking about your numbers. He’s actually really cool about and since I’ve been working with him (one year now) my A1C has improved so much. Started at 14 (:scream:) and now I’m at a 9. So a lot of progress but also still a long way to go. Most of the patients he sees are older type 2 diabetics but I still love to share stories and help new diagnosed patients!! I don’t exercise regularly and I know I should it’s just hard to actually start. And I could also work on my diet a lot more. Anyone meal prep? Any suggestions on where to begin? I’d love to hear what you guys have to share and look forward to talking to you guys! :smiley:

Hi, Denise @Lovera.denise ,

I hope @Dennis and/or @joe will be along to welcome you to the forum. They are, in my opinion, great moderators of this mighty effort. Welcome!

There are many threads on here about “digging in” and helping yourself manage your diabetes a little better. Rather than “re-type” what has been posted many times before, I would suggest you search for and read those threads.

Here’s a quick tip at “getting organized” to make the next steps in your continuing diabetes management improvement. Do you have “the right equipment” to support your efforts? There is good technology out there to help you (e.g., BG Meters, CGMs, Insulin Pumps, Data-keeping software, etc.). Gather a “set” of instruments that help you get it done and use it! You want equipment that gives you reminders to test BG, take insulin doses, keep records, and “get moving.”

Regarding “getting moving,” do you have a wearable fitness tracker that cues you to be active/exercise? There are many, many of them out there. My wife and I use our Apple Watches religiously; they track our activity, calories expended, heart rate, and many other issues that are concerns for us. They “cue us” about our activity progress for the day, and track our actual “exercise” throughout the day. They also send us “achievement awards” for continued progress. At first I thought the awards were pretty “hokey.” But now we have a 200-day-long exercise streak going that we will not allow to end because we don’t want to see the streak broken. The “achievement awards” have turned into quite a motivator for us!

So, the things I really want to communicate in this post are, welcome, search the old threads to pick up tips on continued improvement, and put together a set of equipment that will work well for you as you continue to manage your diabetes better.

Best of luck to you!


@Lovera.denise hi Denise, hey welcome to TypeOneNation. I have been offline for a few days I was working in San Francisco but now I am home.

Probably the best way to get feedback is to tell us what technology you are using, what you like and dislike about it… that way people here can identify and add their personal experiences, for example I have used clnistix, ( a joke really it was 20+ years ago) and various bg meters and I’ve been on shots and the pump.

good job with the 10 years experience., and with your a1c improvement, but you can have any control you want and you can make any kind of therapy work if it’s what you want to do.

please tell us a little about what you can’t stand I bet you’ll get more feedback. , and I am really glad you are here.

thanks for the heads up @BillHavins Bill.

Hi @Lovera.denise ,
I am new to this as well, only it’s not me, it’s my 3 year old daughter. We are almost 3 months in. It’s great to hear your improvements. So proud of you. We just got the Dexcom G6 and we are in love. Y’all abokt one amazing piece of equipment. I meal prep for her every single meal. She goes to daycare so every night I get home from work I instantly start food prepping for the next day with containers and stickers to label. I haven’t been doing this near as long as you but I have gathered that diabetes is all about preparedness. To be prepared is to be successful. You’re lucky to work side by side with an Endo. Keep your goal in sight and never give up. We don’t have a choice!! Good luck!!!

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Hi Bill, it seems like you are doing an awesome job with your daughter and Im glad to hear shes on the Dexcom G6. Im currently using the Medtronic 670G Pump along with the Guardian Sensor and it really keeps me under control most of the time. I have tried the Dexcom G6 and I also liked it because of sharing feature. Even though it was a little hard at first to share my numbers with someone else because I’ve always taken care of myself. But it definitely helped me in many ways. For one, I noticed that the people around me do want to help me and also I was more embarrassed to have bad numbers so I was more motivated to get better numbers overall! For the meals you prepare for your daughter, do you have a special “diet” like low carb meals or is it a normal diet just portion control. Do you have any websites or apps you would recommend to get meal prep recipes? Thanks so much! And good luck to you as well :smile:

Hi Joe!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I have been on the Medtronic 670G pump and guradian sensor since december 2017. I am on auto mode and I absolutely love it! The only thing I cant really stand is all the alarms for the sensor. (calibrate/ auto mode exit…etc) It really does help me keep my sugars under control though. For the meter I am using the freestlye lite. I have alot of extra supplies for this meter so Im trying to use everything I can (since most dm supplies are expensive even with ins). I have tried the Decom G6 sensor and I loved 3 things about it. One, the sharing app ,two that it has an app so i can see the numbers from my phone and three that it doesnt really require calibration. The only thing that I did not like was that its a Dexcom so I cant link it to my medtronic pump. But other than that I really enjoyed wearing it. I have also tried the Libre Freestyle Sensor and I also liked that one but as well I cant link to my pump so I cant be in auto mode which is what helps me stay in control.

I also have severe neuropathy in my feet so I just switched over to Lyrica from Gabapentin and it has reduced the pain immensely. My doctor suggested I do yoga so I will inquire about that locally. Im so motivated to get moving and get back in control!


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Hello Denise & everyone else! I’m new, too. I’ll be celebrating 54 yrs with T1D this November.
No pump. Scale Humalog and 12 units Lantus 24 hrs. Been an active athlete my entire life. Still train 2-3 hrs every day w/ occasional time out for an over used back!

Stats: 5’11" 160 lbs (same as HS). Resting HR: 48BPM BP: 120/60. A1C: 5-6-5.8 for past 2 yrs, prior yrs was up to 6.0

After an iatrogenic reaction to a hypertension drug 2 yrs ago (being misdiagnosed as DAN) I began a plant based, dairy, gluten free diet under the advice of an alternative MD who is an integrated practitioner. Outstanding results!

Has anyone in these forums had trouble with BPPV while swimming? (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) I started using ear plugs and it looks like it fixed it until today, I had to cut my pool session short because I felt it coming on. In the past it wiped me out worse than any low sugar episodes.

Hi Ho, Hill ! (Sorry - could NOT resist doing that) Paula here…T1D for 59 yrs, diagnosed in 1959. You do the math. I do have occasional attacks of Positional Vertigo, but it’s not related to swimming - just happens for no apparent reason. Fun, huh?
Cudos on your excellent BG control - I was on Lantus & Humalog, too, but switched to a pump 5 yrs ago. For me it’s better. Like you, I have been extremely active all my life with 30+ yrs in the ballroom dance business, to which I attribute my success in “Stayin’ Alive - Stayin’ Alive” (may John Travolta forgive me).
As to your over-used back, have you tried inversion? My hubby & I have an inversion table and it’s great - really puts those pesky gravitational forces in their place!
Well, gotta run… Love & Light to all my fellow T1D’s out there and remember to keep a sense of humor. Laughter really IS the best medicine (next to Insulin)