New to Dexcom G5 - Arm site not reading while sleeping

I just got a Dexcom g5 last week. My first sensor I place on my abdomen and I HATED IT. I was very aware of it and it bothered me a lot when sitting (and I sit at a desk all day…so…yeah)
So for my second sensor, I placed it on the back of my upper arm. I am much happier with it there. It doesn’t bother me at all.
But last night by readings were all over the place if I got any at all. I got a high alert at like 11:00 then I jumped low (like 50) at 4am and in the morning I looked at my last 12 hours and overnight it was just all over the place. And it wasn’t giving consistent 5-minute readings.
I do sleep on my side some…could that have any effect on the sensor?
I’m going to be placing some KT tape over it just for added security to see if that helps.

But has anyone that wears their Dexcom on their upper arm have reading issues at night?

I use Minimed’s sensors and know that sometimes if I sleep on the sensor the signal will get lost. I’m guessing it happens to Dexcom too.

It sounds to me like you are getting compression readings. With my son, depending where on his arm he places his sensor, he will get some very wonky, all over the place readings. Also, if you are not properly hydrated your readings will be off. Good Luck!