My son was 1.8! and had no Idea!

Hey parents,

We are still pretty new at all of this....But Hunter was 3.2 at 3:00 a.m. check and I had to wake him and give him a juice.  I asked him if he felt low and said no he felt fine.....then today the school called and told me that Hunter was 1.8 at lunch and again he said that he had no indications of feeling low!  this really is freaking me out.  At what point will a person/child start to have seizures and or pass out?  1.8 seems really low to me.  He has had times of feeling low before so why now is he not feeling the lows.  Sometimes I can just look at him and tell he is low..... We have checked the meter and everything seems fine.

My daughter has been as low as 23 and not passed out. I have had seizures myself and I do remember the paramedics telling me I did not register on the meter when they had gotten there. It is very common to not feel lows, I hate to say that. My daughter, she is 6, is getting better bur there are still times she does not feel them. Quite often I don't feel them either until I am about 45. It sucks but in time he will start to feel them. I used to ask Courtney if she felt funny and then when she recognized the lows I would praise her for feeling it and recognizing it. Don't know if it helped but she is getting better at it.

It was the meter!!  Hunter was low last night, but today he was not 1.8, he was probably still low but not that low.  Hunter has a meter for school and this morning we could not find it, so we sent him to school with the one we use at home.  Another student found the meter on the bus and it had been very cold on the weekend (we even had lots of snow!) and the change in temperature must have really affected the meter and the strips.  I however did not know any of this until he got home and told me... What a relief!

If you haven't already, I'd check the meter using a new bottle of test strips, and side by side with your home meter. The meter will probably be fine - but I'd guess if the strips 'froze' they probably are shot. Worth giving the mfg a call to see if they will replace. (Can't hurt, better than tossing the $$$ strips!)

Thanks, but the machine and the bottle of strips were both toast....but I am hoping that the mfg will send us a new meter as we spend alot of money each month on their strips!  we will see thou.

My daughter Hannah was 38 one night and woke up with night terrors screaming at me at the top of her lungs and pushing me away.  She could not come up with treatment and was so freaked out she wouldn't drink juice.  I finally snapped her out of it by telling her she was about to get the Glucagon shot in the stomach if she didn't drink the juice!  It is scary when they are low.  It's also scary how much we rely on technology to keep our kiddo's safe.  I now keep extra meters, and tons of batteries at the house so I don't have a malfunction!

Ya, the meters are not always accurate. My son has tested 3 times in a row (within about a minute in between) and gotten 3 different numbers. His endocrinologist said that meters aren't accurate below 4 and above when they read low (or extremely high), we don't really ever know exactly how low/high they are. best to just go by their behaviour/symptoms. If they are falling over, etc. - don't even test, lol!!! Just give them sugar, lol!

Also, false high readings happen if there is any sugary substance on fingers (candy, fruit, juice, etc).