My new Navigator - Wonder and Irony :)

Hey everyone!

I had made numerous attempts with Cigna to get a CGM, now I am have a different employer and a new endo and I tried for the CGM again.  I read the insurance company’s coverage position and made sure that I emphasized the points in my care that paralleled their requirements.  It was easy because they only really require hypo-unawareness and I have that in abundance. 

So I got it approved, ordered and shipped before the New Year.  Wow!  I could hardly believe it.  I had been chasing this technology for over two years and here it was, in my hands with one easy request.  I know the approval comes on the blood and tears of people like Gina who fought heavily with the insurance companies to recognize the need.

So, I have read the manual several time, read the trainer’s guide, done the online virtual tour and I figure I am ready so do the insertion and get started.  I do the insertion and (being excited and wanting to do everything right) watch my food and blood sugars very carefully to keep them even while I start.  I really want good results with this first sensor.  The Navigator requires a 10 hour warm up so I am excited to see my numbers staying on target the whole way.  Well… wait… did I say the whole way…  My insertion was done at 1:00pm.  At 9:00 I notice my sugar is creeping up a bit 130 – not horrible – I have an hour… a small correction dose should be okay… 9:30- 159 – ummmm – I gave insulin – no food… GRRR – “this is my first sensor!” my mind raced…  10:00 – calibration time – 172  - GAH! – more insulin and I calibrate- now I am getting readings and they are continuing to rise… I give another few doses – finally ending in my Pod (pump) alarming and letting me know (as though I wasn’t already guessing) it had failed.  WHY?!?!?!?   Why would these have to happen together??? 

LOL – anyhow, the sensor is in, it was easy and, although I did have to force a recalibration today to get it reading on target, I am very excited about having this tool added to my regimen.

I can’t believe the range on this thing, too – I left it downstairs for 15 minutes went up to our bedroom for a change of clothes - came down and the receiver hadn’t missed a reading (new batteries, I am guessing)…

Anyhow – I had to share the story – I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!



Hey, Congrats on getting your new toy! (or, tool, rather.) Keep us all informed on how it goes for you.


I wanted to circle back for a sec and say, thus far, this is THE BEST TOY (errrr) TOOL, EVER!!!  So far, it has been tracking well and I am into day two with a restarted sensor (yes, I am using it off label - *bad diabetic* and all that jazz)... I wondered if, after 2.5 years of thinking about, plying for and dreaming of a CGM, I would find myself let down when I actually got it.  So far, (and yes, it is less than 10 days in, so stay-tuned), I am nutty about it!  I find I am as (or more) excited now than I was when it arrived... I am still beating up on it, trying to fool it and doing weird things just to see how the monitor will react but it's been awesome.  I am thinking of using neosporin under the temperature probe to reduce the chafing that seems to occur from it but that would be a near non-issue if I wasn't doing the restart.  I don't want to do anything that limits the accuracy of the probe... Anyone know if there is a thermal grease that is non-toxic and safe for internal use??? LOL



I will write a full post about life with CGM when I have more time...

A-D, does your insurance company pay for you to constantly have a CGM in? If so I am jealous, we can't get any coverage at all in Canada. 


Well, I have a high deductible plan so... They paid for me to get on it and my 1st 30 days because it was the end of the year and I had met my deductible and out of pocket maximums, however, all my supplies from here on out will be expensive until I meet those again - which - will probably happen about 15 minutes after my wife delivers this year...  Next year... we'll see...

Is there any kind of an ability to file an appeal up there?  I was planning an extensive fight and I can forward you a significant number of research items…