Missing the old large BD Lancet device

Has anyone come across a current lancet device that is as large as the old BD lancet device?
My hubby has an old one. BD stopped making lancet devices. The current lancet devices are “conveniently small” but he’d like one that is not so small. When you have a large hand, “small” is not convenient. Thanks.

Lilly @susanlily ,
Walmart has a selection of the good old large lancing devices. So does Amazon and both these places have the large size lancets that a guy can hold in his hand even without the device.

I use the Accu-Chek Softclix Plus lancing device that I got from my doctor’s office and I get the softclix lancets at WALGREENS. Insurance pays for most of the lancets’ cost. The device is quite large and easy to hold and use. I test 6-8 times a day with a new lancet every time. Good luck.

I use the Accu-Check Fastclix lancing device and lancets. I think the pen’s about the same size as my old BD Penlet II. And since it holds 6 lancets at a time you don’t need to deal with refilling all the time.