MiniMed Connect- Where do you put it?

Hey, everybody! I wear a pump and CGM and am now using MiniMed Connect. Any advice on where to put it? It is currently resting in my bra but that’s just not cool. I normally do not have pockets on my work clothes. I was thinking of turning it into a necklace! If you have any tips, I will be very grateful. Thanks!

hi @kbjones6,

the “Connect” accessory needs to be within bluetooth range of your phone (maybe 20 feet) and within RF range of the transmitter… my experience with the transmitter is that is about 5 feet, so for it to work right you’ll have to carry both your phone and the Connect accessory. I just re-read the manual looking for some information on if the connect uploads “batch” in other words… if the Connect device regains the continuous data if it gets out of range, or if there are gaps if it gets out of range.

I guess if I couldn’t tolerate any gaps, I would try to keep the system very close by - but I have to be honest the idea of wearing it as a necklace doesn’t thrill me, I typically have a backpack at work with my tech in it… maybe see how that goes but I am sure there’ll be data gaps.

Good luck!

Hi @kbjones6,

I wear this pump belt from Diabte.ezy: You can also get it on the Medtronic website. This pump belt is my lifesaver!I have 4 colored different ones that I switch depending on my outfit. There are four separate sections in the belt, but my pump and my MiniMed Connect stay in it perfectly because of the folded over design, and it keeps your pump perfectly concealed and out of sight! Check out more of my favorite T1D accessories here: My Favorites – My DBlue Life.

Hope I helped :slight_smile:

Hi kbjones6. I use another brand of CGM myself and find that out fits perfectly into a Vera Bradley window case, which I wear around my neck most of the time. It protects it from shock pretty well if I drop it, too.

I bought a phone charm, removed the charm and use the string piece to attach it where I want it. I originally attached it to my phone but, once I learned it was better off closer to the pump, I moved it. Now I have it looped on my pump clip. I have also looped it through my pump skin. I really need it connected somewhere I wouldn’t forget/lose it so this has been perfect for me.

For anyone with a pump and/or CGM receiver that needs to stay close to their body, I HIGHLY recommend getting a body band! I hardly ever wear things with pockets (I wear a lot of dresses and leggings), so this has been a lifesaver!

I’m sure there are other brands, but the one I found is made by a Type 1 in the UK (brand Hid-In): Multiway Body Band - Classic | Hid-In Classic Shop - variety of Multiway Body Bands, Kitcases, Pocket Panties, Pocket Boxers

I bought two, and I LOVE THEM. So convenient!