MiniMed 670G system - Just ordered - Any advice for 12 year old T1D user

Hello, I am the parent of a 12 year old girl with T!D and Celiac disease. She has been using an Animas Ping Pump since July 2014. We just ordered a MiniMed 670G for her and are very excited! I would love to hear from anyone who uses this technology or from parents of kids who use this device. We are excited but know we have a lot to learn. We have a pump training session on June 19th with my daughter’s endocrinologists office and MiniMed rep. Any tips, suggestions, knowledge or insight would be most appreciated!

hi! Welcome to the club. While not a parent or a juvenile, one thing I’d suggest is to see if you can get one of the Medtronic sensor tapes from the Medtronic rep. People are finding that the adhesive can be quite irritating. If you can get one the Medtronic provided tapes, you can give it a try and see if it will cause irritation before you start working with the sensors. If it does irritate you can look for other taping alternative and have that part resolved and not potentially have a sensor or two be wasted due to rubbing, itching, etc. If there is irritation, give Medtronic a call and get a tape sample kit which has all sorts of different tapes and adhesives to try.

My second things is to be patient once you start with the sensors and auto mode. It takes time for auto to figure things out. You need to give it the time to figure you out. Don’t “help” it. Just take the time to let it do its thing.

I have had tid for 58 years. I have found the best adhesive to be skin tag wipe. After inserting the sensor , use this around the base. I have tried many adhesives and this does best. So far I have been lucky with just some neurophy in my feet and Charcot’s disease of my left foot. Hope all goes well, Mary Anderson