Messing with non-diabetics

Let me preface this by saying I fully understand that diabetes is nothing to scoff at or make light of. I’m not that guy …

Backstory… I have a group of buddies I’ve known since we were all in grade school. Grew up in same neighborhood, same high school, in each others weddings, etc… We get together about once every year these days to get caught up. They know (thru facebook mostly) that I’m a newbie to T1D.

I love these guys like brothers. I know they are worried about me. I know they know next to nothing about diabetes.I know tomorrow night I’m gonna have to (re)explain what diabetes is and what it is not. I’m gonna have to (more or less) calm them down. But, before I do that, I wanna mess with 'em a little bit…

I know this is wrong but has anyone in here ever messed with a non-diabetic? I can’t be the first T1D to ever think of a good diabetic practical joke to pull on 6 of my oldest and trusted friends, can I?

Andy @AJZimmerman,

I’ve seen too much, and experienced too much in my lifetime to make a prank of diabetes, even with ol’ buds. Remember the lesson in the boy who cried, “Wolf!”…

And maybe I’ve lost my sense of humor.

Have a fun reunion with your friends!


Scratching the idea.

Never intended to poke fun at diabetics. More wanting to poke fun at my.non diabetic friends and their overdramatic reaction to the whole thing.

You may want to do a google search: ‘The Onion Diabetes’ - there’s some pretty funny spoof articles you can forward to your friends prior to meeting to help ‘break the ice’.
And no, I’m not making light of diabetes. I’ve been T1D for over 25yrs, and like all, need to laugh in the face of adversity from time to time.

Well, this isn’t exactly poking fun or making a joke out of it… It’s more like leveraging something horrible and somehow making it work for you.

LIttle backstory… My nephew was 15 when diagnosed. His older brother had been diagnosed years earlier so younger nephew had sorta been around the block already with T1D. He never bothered hiding it. He’d put his kit right there in the middle of the restaurant table to poke his finger and dose himself in front of everyone. That was week TWO after diagnosis.

Within a month he was sitting with his buddies in the cafeteria at school and realized he could score extra dessert by leveraging his T1D against his friends’ relative cluelessness. He pointed at his friend’s cookie and said, “Hey man, I’m sorry, I already dosed for that. You have to give it to me or sh*t’s gonna get real bad real fast.”

They figured out (eventually) he was joking but I always thought that his sense of humor about it was impressive and would carry him through the rough parts. It has too. And when my son was diagnosed a little over 4 months ago, I thought of my nephew and knew there could be laughter and humor and it would help.

Have fun with your buddies!

So I was diagnosed in December of 2017 and it is September 2018 so i’m pretty new to this… I was in my junior year of high school when I was diagnosed and my doctor recommended I wore a dexcom to help regulate my medication and see how my BS was through the night.

Anyway I wore mine on the back of my arm and this girl comes up to me with an aggressive tone asking me what I had on my arm. So me and a few friends were messing with her telling her that my parents implanted a tracking device in my arm. The look she gave me was totally worth it. and the best part is I never told her I was joking…


If you really want to prank-em, tell them there is a revolutionary new procedure that will cure T1D that is only 2 years away.

Tell them that you can only drink straight alcohol. Fill a bottle of 1818 with water. When they’re sort of drunk just start casually drinking. XD

Once when I went to the doctor they gave me some fisherprice type fake insulin syringe where the plastic needle you could “insert” into your arm. I used it one day and told my friends my doctor told me to start injecting in my face and used the fake needle. That got a good freakout from some of them.

Well it all depends on how harsh the prank is, like I always joke that diabetes is contagious and then start coughing, but if you are going to fake a seizure or something I think that it then gets a little irrational.