Meeting others with type 1

Hi all!


I'm Kara and I'm 20 years old, I was diagnosed with Type 1 May 2010.  I'm very much used to it by now even though sometimes it gets annoying as I'm sure it does to everyone.  Has anyone here dated another Type 1? I want to get to know more people with Type 1 because I don't know anyone else.

Hey, Kara! I've never dated a Type 1, but that's mainly because the only Type 1 I've ever really known was my friend's mom and he told me she was off limits.

Hi! A man dated me!! We have been married for 21 years! I also have 3 kids and was dx'ed when I was 5. It can be a challenge to date with diabetes but not impossible. everyone finds their own niche and works with it. Good luck!

Yeah I've only known one other person too! It's hard to find that I guess haha

Oh wow that's so nice to hear! thank you and good luck with all the children! :)

Hi Kara!

I'm 29 and been a type I for about 13 years now (I was diagnosed in 9th grade). I myself do not know any type I diabetics besides one co-worker, and one co-worker whose son was just recently diagnosed. I have never dated a diabetic, but have dated my current husband for 8 years and married for 1, and he never had any problem with it. In fact I taught him about and make him give me shots every once in a while in case he would ever have to :) It's just a way of life to me! But it is nice to have people to talk to who can understand what you are going through.