Medtronic glucose sensors

Can anyone tell me if there the Elite and the Guardian sensor from Medtronic is the same thing, or are they different? I have heard that the guardian is more comfortable. How can that be if they are the same?

Thank you.

The elite sensor is poor in accurate readings compared to the new guardian 3
The tape is better and generally you get close too 7 days . With the elite there was a lot more frequent replacement. This is my personal experience and 670g is light years better than 630


the Medtronic Enlight sensor is different than the Medtronic Guardian sensor

Comfort depends on your sensitivity to the probe (both at 90 degrees) and the tape and glue.

Accuracy depends on the person, the calibrations (both how and when they are calibrated), and a bit of luck.

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Also, according to my Medtronic rep. the Medtronic Guardian sensor only works with the 670G.