Medtronic 670G Carelink reports

Medtronic no longer supports a comma-separated-values report option for their new 670G. On top of that, there currently is no way to determine exactly how much micro-bolus insulin is being delivered over a given time interval from the available reports. The reports show auto-mode “activity” but do not show you the pulse-width, or pulse-frequency inside a burst of microboluses. I have no way to determine how much micro-bolus insulin is being issued over a given time interval; only daily summaries are available. I tried explaining this to 2 different Medtronics technical support people (3rd and 4th round phone-transfer) and neither of them could even comprehend what I was talking about. The technical support people didn’t even understand the difference between a rate (U/hr) and an amount (Units). The reports only show microbolusing bursts on a graph with a rate scale, you can’t see the pulse-width and frequency inside a burst to determine the actual amount of insulin delivered during that burst. There is no report that provides that information. Medtronic, you suck.

@MrEntropy Hi Jess, you do realize that Medtronic is likely to never see your posts here, and that if you want them to read your notes or maybe even respond to you, that you should probably write directly to them?

We here on this forum are like you, just trying to control blood sugar. if it’s any consolation - sorry the 670G wasn’t the end-all. maybe I’ve seen too many cgm, but I wasn’t holding my breath for this particular tech platform. hope thing improve for you!

I’ve tried asking questions about these issues on the Medtronic forums (politely) and they never get posted, and I never get a response. So now I’m on a mission to get the truth out about these issues.

@MrEntropy Jess, so, ok, the responses you will get here, being that this is a public forum with the common issue “diabetes” will ultimately be either, 1) hey yes, I totally agree with you and everyone at Medtronic are evil and they should all be removed… or 2) no, my 670 works fine, therefore you must be wrong. more importantly and in my opinion, neither response will help you or change anything.

what I am asking is maybe you can consider contacting Medtronic actually and directly. not through a public forum where you can’t tell humans from bots or trolls, but by actual written correspondence (I know I am showing my age). just a thought, you can always just continue if you want.

I totally agree with you @joe Joe that direct contact / communication with Medtronic [even tho that is so grossly old fashioned] is most likely the best path for @MrEntropy Jess to follow. As you have said before, this forum, much like other forums is a place for expression of personal insights and gripes and not for medical or technical advice.

Personally I’ve had extremely helpful and wonderful service when contacting Medtronic directly.

I’ve made multiple calls to Medtronics about these issues, emailed people at Medtronics, and I’ve been mostly ignored. The people I have been able to speak with on the phone were generally incompetent/unhelpful. I’ve also filed FDA complaints. Maybe that will get Medtronic’s attention.