Massage and Type 1

So, about 6 years ago, I went for a massage b/c I was stressed in grad school. As I was trying to relax, the massage "therapist" said, why is your skin so lumpy?? What is that??" referring to all the lumps and scarring I have due to the allergic reaction / hives I get to my injections.I was like, "Uh ... from my shots for diabetes" and couldn't relax for the rest of the time after spending $100 or something.

So, yesterday, I finally tried again at a different place. They make you fill out a medical form. I checked I had diabetes. (They also asked if I had PMS, diarrhea or a rash, why, I don't know! lol) The lady went over the form and seemed to think nothing of it, she just said, "Oh, I'm assuming you have that under control" or something and said nothing about the lumps all over my arms, legs, stomach that I'm so self-conscious about anyways. I was so relieved.

But, I hate how every form, even if you just want a flu shot asks about diabetes and hundreds of other unrelated things (cavities? history of depression?). It just opens you up for comments from uninformed people, you know? I mean, I have a medical alert bracelet on at all times of there's a problem!

My daughter a d I feel the same way.Do we have to bring d into everything, I know there are reasons for it-but it does make a person weary after a while.

I hate how you always have to tell your medical problems. Even when you go to the dentist or orthodontist. I've told them like a million times but you always have to fill out a paper! My dentist always comes back there "Your a diabetic? I didn't know that. I'm so sorry." I think to myself i've told you like a million times! I mean why don't they just put it on your record???


I hate that too. I always write "Type 1" next to diabetes, though.

Brittany, I'm glad my densist isn't like that. Mine knows that I have diabetes, and they always ask how I'm doing. Also, one of the hygienists at the place I go goes to my church, and her 3 year old son has T1, also. So it's nice to have someone there that knows what to do if something goes wrong.



My bad--*dentist* is what I meant.



I once went to the doctor for a sore thoat.  I was also feeling bad about a recent weight but that wasn't what I was there for.  The medical assitant checking me in asked me to step up onto the scale.  I respectfully declined explaining that I was there for a sore thoroat and did not need to weigh.  She told me I had to.  I told her I didn't.  I told her if the Dr. needed my weight for this appointment, I would comply.  I did not see the need to weigh.  I went on to my appointment and got my throat addressed.  A year later, I came to the same doctor.  While I was being checked in, the medical assistant politely asked, "Mrs. Friedner, will you be weighing today"?  I cracked up.  There must have been a note or something in my chart for her to ask. 

At least the assistant didn't tell you that if you lost weight, you could cure your T1, right??!

I dont acutally have diabetes. My daughter does.  It was however the same doctor that discovered her condition.  Ironic, she had a really awful ear infection last April.  At that appointment he made a comment about her weight creeping up.  She was on a med that had weight gain as a side effect.  When December rolled around and she was nauseas all the time and her vision was blurred, I took her into the same doctor.  When she was being checked in and weighed, I had them reweigh her because I couldn't believe she had lost 40 lbs since her ear infection.  She had gone of the original weight gain causing medication and I knew she was slimming down, but not 40 lbs worth.  She wears baggy sweathshirts and appetite sucked after breaking up with her first love.  We got in to the exam room and her first words were, "at least he isn't going to call me fat this visit"    All that was going through my head was this is anorexia or bulemia.  Was I shocked when he said DKA. 

As a side note, this doctor is awesome.  He diagnosed my husband's pulmonary embolism (before it killed him off).  He caught Rebecca's diabetes. And just last month I was in for a yearly thyroid check and he heard a new, dangerous,heart arrythmia in my chest.  When he told me about this, he prefaced it with, "I don't want you to think there is a dark cloud of doom over this office, but......"  I am thankful to him for his excellent diagnostic skills.  I will step on the scale anytime he asks.