Looking for Type 1 Diabetic Internet Friends

Hi! My name is Gwen(dolyn) and I’m 14 years old! I’m looking for other type 1 diabetic friends.

Hey I’m Michael and also 14. I am too!

Hey Gwen! I’m Abby; I’m 15 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
Judging by your profile pic it looks like you have Snapchat; I’d love to add you to my T1D teens group chat! It’s a great place to meet other folks with T1. My username is bookwormnerd13 if you want to add me. Otherwise, feel free to message me on here; I’d love to chat with you!

Hi Michael, great to meet you! I’m looking for some T1D friends, so if you’d like to email or text I’d love to talk to you!

Hello Abby! Great to meet you! Unfortunately, I don’t have Snapchat (I took that in a friends phone haha) but I’d love to email or text with you if that works.

Oh, no worries! My email is abigaelparrish13@gmail.com. :slight_smile:

Awesome my email is michaelifleary@gmail.com. I was diagnosed when I was 9 almost 10 on New Years day and now I have the omnipod pump. Feel free to email me.

Hi guys. My name is Missy and I have been a t1D for 38 years. It’s really great to communicate with you. It’s hard to connect with other T1Ds for some reason. Most support groups in my area are geared toward Type 2 diabetics. I am 57 and had triple bypass surgery 2 years ago. I am doing great now just trying to build stamina and get back into shape.

Please e mail me at gigi_417@yahoo.com if you would like to connect.

HI I’m Gabi. I’m 21 and was diagnosed at 2. you can email me at gabi.mariarosa@gmail.com if you’d like

Hi Gwen my name is Brooklynn. I’m 13 years old and will have been diagnosed for 2 years in May I am also looking for T1D friends. You can email me at brookgallo@gmail.com look forward to talking with you.

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Hi Gwen - my almost 10yo T1D (diagnosed 3/2016) is named Gwen :):blush: and would like to make some friends. I realize she’s young but your sharing with her could make a difference potentially for both of you. If interested please reach out to me at Lmsaeling@q.com - Laura

Hi Gabi! My name is Emily and I’m also 21 years old and got diagnosed at 14! I’m looking for friends who actually understand what I go through on a daily basis!


Laura, My daughter is 11 and looking for some new friends to chat with about T1D. She likes lacrosse, animals, snapchat and musicaly. Let me know if Gwen would be interested in emailing with her.

Brooklynn. My daughter is 11 and looking for some new friends to chat with about T1D. She likes lacrosse, animals, snapchat and musicaly. Let me know if you’d be interested in emailing with her.

Hello - yes she would :slight_smile: how best to connect? My email is lmsaeling@q.com. Gwen has snapchat, and plays Roblox, and loves to FaceTime. Chat soon! Laura

I am 16 (m) and am open to new people! my email is thomasscout11@gmail.com

Hi Emily! yup totally get it and am there to talk if you want. you can email me as above or find my Insta @gabimontoya with underscore at beginning and end (it won’t let me do it here) or snap toya927 if you want

Hey! My name is Clara and I got diagnosed with type one diabetes a month ago! I’m very open to meeting new people and form a support group for one another!

My email is claravamvulescu@gmail.com

Hey I’m Sylvie I was diagnosed with t1d about a month ago. I am 14 and have a dad who also has type 1. I am currently using a insulin pen for both Lantus and Novolog. I was hoping I could connect with a few type ones to share the “highs and lows” of having type one diabetes. My email is sylviepanofsky@gmail.com