Looking for a friend for my Daugther in Long Island

I am looking for a friend for my 8 y/o daughter in Long Island.

She has been diagnosed at 3 years old and she is having a hard time fiding friends at school.

Any information in children group meeting is appreciated!

Thank you!

hi @eunleedds Claudia,

the JDRF may have a chapter near your location. You can go to this website https://www.jdrf.org/chapter-select/ and enter your zip code to find the chapter nearest you.

These locations often have fundraisers and it is at those events you will meet many parents and other people (including children) with T1. It may be a good way to network for you and your daughter.

Good luck!.

Thank you! I will look into that!

@eunleedds where on Long Island? My daughter just turned 10 last week. She was diagnosed in Aug 2018.