LIBRE 2 Reader

I am new to the Libre 2. I didn’t realize it won’t work with an Android phone. This reader seems cheap and not that great. The alarm goes off at night for no reason, and says it lost signal. The touch screen is not responsive. Does anyone else have this issue? Not sure if mine is a dud.

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Hi @Sosweet2022 and welcome to the forum. I use Freestyle as a backup in case anything happens to my Dexcom (which is exceedingly rare) so I can’t suggest too much, except that a lost connection message may mean you rolled over into your sensor so the transmission wasn’t getting through to your receiver. Their tech support should be able to help with alerts - sometimes they’re due to settings you can adjust: they can analyze what’s going on and help you change them to something that’s less annoying if that’s the case - or provide a replacement if it’s defective.

hi @Sosweet2022 , I see that Libre 2 does indeed have an app on google play…

Is this compatible with your phone?

That is actually for the Freestyle 10 and 14 day sensors. The Freestyle Libre2 app hasn’t been approved for use in the US on android as of yet. The app is approved, however, on the Apple app store for iPhones.

I have had the Freestyle Libre 2 since around March of this year. Unfortunately, I also have issues with the touch screen on the reader. I think it might have to with it being a plastic type screen instead of a glass screen like on phones and other touch screen devices. The range on the scanner to the sensor is only as far as Bluetooth can typically reach ( 6 metres (20 ft) unobstructed according to Abbott’s website). I have had the lost signal alarm off for a while now, so I don’t remember if it went off often for me or not.

Thanks for the update!