"Kids...go get Dad's leash..."

When my wife was pregnant, she went thru a mental period of what I lovingly describe as “pregnancy brain”. I’m not even sure this was a real thing (and I’m not meaning to offend any women out there who has ever been pregnant) but from what I remember, she went a couple of months where she was displaying all signs of forgetfulness, confusion, and an inability to concentrate. I called it Pregnant Brain because it always went away once the babies arrived and started sleeping thru the night. She even admits to a mental lapse during her pregnancies.
Me: “Honey, where’s the checkbook?”
Her: “In my purse…or the car…”
Me: “It’s not in your purse… or the car…”
Her: “What isn’t?”
Me: “the checkbook…”
Her: “Don’t worry, I paid all the bills already…”
Me: "Then what are these? (shows a stack of bills in my hand)
Her: “Bills. Where did you find them?”
Me: “Sitting on the lawnmower in the garage.”
Her: (looks them over) “hmmm…I thought I paid these…”
Me: “No worries…I’ll do the bills. Do you know where the checkbook is?”
Her: “In my purse…or the car…”
Me: Finds checkbook on top of the dryer

Fast forward 23 years and it’s my turn. Is there such a thing as diabetic brain? cuz it feels like there is. My concentration is waaaay off. My ability to focus is on hiatus. Last night, while making dinner, I wanted a cup of coffee so I grabbed the cream out of the fridge and then poured it into the jar of spaghetti sauce I had in my other hand. A couple of weeks back, I brushed my teeth with a tube of Neosporin. My family is about ready to put a cowbell around my neck. I used to pride myself on my ability to multi-task. These days? Not so much…
Any newbies (or oldies) out there experiencing this phenomenon?

Andy thanks so much for the comic relief - I needed it this morning! When I am starting to get low I do have a lot of trouble thinking. I often use words in place of other words that sound alike but make no sense whatsoever in the sentence. The key here is to use this to your advantage - learn to play the Diabetes Card. For example, when playing a game in which intelligence is required (e.g. Scrabble), and you are losing, you blame it on the fact that your sugar must be getting low. The Diabetes Card can be played in any number of situations, but, cannot be over-used as it will quickly loose it’s effectiveness. Its’ all about strategy…


Just last week I brushed my teeth with Cortisone Cream (lousy tasting) !

OK… I got one…

last summer I was grilling and enjoying myself - . I had a can of Budweiser, right next to a olive oil “pourer” (I was corrected to call it a “cruet” but I refused).

Well you’ll never guess what I did.