Kids (and their teachers) say the darndest things

Okay, for those of you who have had toddlers, you know that you have no secrets.  For those of you who do not have toddlers, remember that these little people have no inhibition, no reservation and are not yet concerned with social propriety or priorities. 


I had the perfect storm for my blood sugars last night.  I finally got back to the gym and was able to get through ¾ off my workout. I kept my blood sugars low-ish (70’s) but okay throughout and I kept my basals low for a few hours when I got home.  My CGM sensor expired and I replaced it at 10:00pm.  My CGM requires a 10 hour warm-up so I was not going to get readings overnight.  BS was 107 before bed, and I didn’t wake up until after my wife had gotten a glucose tube or two into me.


I am now late for work and doing my best Dagwood Bumstead to get myself and my son out of the house so that I can get us both where we need to be at a nearly reasonable hour.  We get to my son’s school and I am finishing the morning rituals with him, putting his things in his cubby, giving him a hug, etc. when his teacher enters the hallway (we’ll call her Mrs. Jones).  My son goes running over to Mrs. Jones and exclaims “Daddy’s LOW!”  Clearly, a little confused and not quite sure what she was being handed from toddler speak she repeats back somewhat deliberately “Daddy’s slow?”  I intervened.  I said “Ummm, that may be true and you’d not be the first teacher to say it but he’s saying “low,” I’m a diabetic and I had some blood sugar issues this morning.”  I got an uncomfortable blush and she ushered him into the classroom. 


Anyhow – just a fun moment, I thought I’d share…  Anyone else “outed” by friends, family, children or others?





i did this all on my own, sometimes i don't think that other people don't have a clue what i am talking about when i talk about my blood sugars. well when i was in junior high i was talking with some friends and i started to feel like my BG was high. i leaned over to my friend and said i have to test i feel high and a guy that i had a crush on piped up and said you are high? what are you doing, coke? i was kind of embarrassed that i neglected to explain it was my blood sugar. so i turned around to the guy and said no i am diabetic and my blood sugar is higher than it should be.

Mel :)

I do that all the time! My family and I have had to stop reffering to it as 'high', or at least we've tried to. My mom was at work once and she was telling a coworker I was "really low, then really high." Someone near them missed the low comment and whipped around; "your daughter's high?!" It was hilarious. She's a manager, so... her workers were pretty shocked. My dad tries to refer to it as 'elevated...' cracks me up when I slip up and say "I'm really high" in public. Oh, the looks from strangers.... nothing beats those looks....

When i was first Dignosed i was outted by my mother every other person. I kept telling her to stop but she kept forgetting not to tell. i was always embarrassed.. =[ i still dont know how to tell people.

now i know when ever i am high i add oh man my blood sugar is high. gotta take the inuslin.

I just go with it. I still lack inhibition and just say, I'm high- and expect that everyone to know what I mean. If they don't and ask me what I'm talking about, I explain it as many times as I need to. I've learned to love talking about diabetes... I've explained it so well that I have a few friends capable of counting my carbs for me!! They think it is so cool that they are insiders on my secret number language.

While I am more open about being a diabetic now than I was my one friend Jeanette keeps outting me to her friends and family. She has lived with the disease longer and is more apt to talk about everything with anyone. One night we were out bowling with a group of people. Her and I were a team and had to come up with a name. She went with Broken Pancreas. Which pretty much ruined my secret at that point with her friends.

The other times was a month or so back at a retreat meeting with a bunch of team leaders. One of the leaders, Doug was talking about something and he pulled out his pump. The kids were all staring and going oohh and aaaw over it. I just watched and he goes that's not even the best part, he goes it has a twin here in the room look and he is staring at me. So I had to play show and tell too. I was so (don't know the word to use to explain my feeling), but I got over it. Until he did it again on the actual retreat in front of all the kids. I believe at that point he just looked at me and yelled "Pump powers activate, and I had to play along..."

oh man that's awesome. "pump power's activate." hahaha i should say that from now on. 

It's all yours... just find someone else with a pump first or you won't be able to do anything...

dang i need a pump buddy. hmmm. 

You are bound to find someone... And my philosophy is embarass me once fine, embarass me twice it's on... I will just have to find something else to embarass him with. Again, not that I really mind and it does make life easier in the end, but just not something I am used to doing.