John Hopkins or Joslin Center

Looking to get a second opinion for my daughter - diagnosed just prior to 18th - is now 19 and finished first year of school - no major issues - thank goodness but looking to take her for a second opinion. Hoping a specialized facility might get her to deal with this a bit better. She had a lot of HIGHS while in school - lots of stress and her roommate had some medical issues that had her leaving school - any info would be great

@kcarleonard Hi. it’s really very common to have high blood sugar, low blood sugar and medium blood sugar when you have diabetes. I have had it a long time and it is very difficult to control the way your body is supposed to control it.

a endocrinologist is a specialist you may want to consider getting a second opinion from, however, diabetes is a patient managed disease. no doctor or specialty facility will manage your daughter’s diabetes for her.

there may be some aggressive new programs or trials she could take part in at a facility, they may have access to CDE (certified diabetes educators) with nutrition backgrounds that could possible help your daughter develop strategies for high-stress and other challenges she’ll face in real-time, but it’ll always be your daughter making the hourly decisions about blood sugar for her management (food insulin activity) that affects blood sugar.

You could always research the programs available to her at these facilities, and help her pick one if she’s asking.

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Thanks. She has a good team at home. Just hoping to find something as a second opinion and had heard of both facilities. Looking to see if anyone had opinions. Next step is getting her to join the college network but she still has reservations about coming out publicly. Baby steps i guess. Thank you