Is that a pager? Why do you have a pager?

So I was at this raging party, and these two girls come up to me, both pretty drunk. Then one of them reaches for my pump which I had clipped to my belt and asks me, "Is that a pager? Why do you have a pager?" Then, "Are you a doctor?" Then, giggle, giggle, giggle. Haha, it was cute for the roughly five or six seconds before she unknowingly ripped it out of my leg. But looking back at that moment all I can do is laugh.

Oh my gosh! I get that comment all the time, but I love the look on their faces when you tell them exactly what it is and there is that awkward silence and a quick subject's hilarious

I've gotten pager, mp3 player, waterproof cell phone (while kayaking)..... The awkward silence and subject change is funny....but I also appreciate those few moments when someone actually knows what it is - it always ends in both parties being so excited

mp3 player is my favorite

got "what kind of beeper is that?" from a student after I had to bolus in class today while teaching summer school