Is my pancrease starting to work?

Hello, everyone. I was recently trying to get back into the habit of monitoring my blood glucose more strictly, but I was getting some strange results. I usually had to take 1mg of fast acting insulin for every 8.5grams of carbs, and 1mg of insulin would lower my glucose level by 22.5 points. But now, I'm getting readings that say for every 1mg of insulin I take my blood sugar goes down 45 points, and I take 1mg of insulin for every 17grams of carbs. So I thought I'd post this up so that people can throw some ideas around as to why that may be.

i've had many days where i swear i'm not diabetic. there are lots of reasons why you could be experiencing some insulin sensitivity.

for me, having lower levels of stress and exercising are my biggest reasons for lowering my blood sugars. after i finished my internship a couple months ago, i never realized how stressed i had been and how much more insulin i was using during that 6 months. when i finished, my blood sugars plummeted and i had to almost cut my insulin in half to stop or at least decrease the lows. when i came home, i also had more time for myself so i began regular exercise, which also made my blood sugars drop.

i really wish i could tell you your pancreas was working again. i can't tell you how many times when i've had a low blood sugar i've secretly wished that was reason. unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. maybe one day you and i will be the first :o)

most of the time exercising help me with lowering my blood sugars so i try to exercise regular.

Wow, you know what, C? I think you are actually right. These past two years, I've been really struggling with figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, and so I would be going to college, and just not putting any effort into it. Recently, however, I've been extremely happy because of these past events that have happened in my life. I've actually found my true calling, and it was all possible thanks to my friends and family, and ah!! I can't stop enjoying life to the fullest now. =D I've been dancing left and right, studying what I love to do, and doing the hobbies that I've always wanted to do. =D It just feels so awesome!!

Thanks for the info, C and eric. =D

i'm very happy to hear things are going so well for you! it's a great feeling :D