Insurance - Order of operations

Hey everyone, I am hoping some of you who have been through the process of insurance approval can shed some light on my current status.


I submitted my paperwork for the Navigator CGM to Abbott.  They later contacted me and told me that my insurance had been checked and the order had been sent to Apria.  Apria, when I called them, told me that they would have to get a new prescription (there was one with the original paperwork submitted 10 days prior) and that they needed to contact my insurance provider to determine coverage.  Now, either Abbott did nothing, which is fine but they could have said that or the contact at Apria didn't know what he was talking about and was responding based on best guess. 


So - for anyone who has done this before with Abbott – Would Abbott normally check my insurance and get authorization or am I waiting on the third party vendor???


I appreciate any insights, best guesses, theories, or actual data!



(If I can get this figured out BEFORE the 31st – I’ve met my deductible and can suffer the costs more easily – otherwise – I’d not be so anxious…)


Unfortunately it is a long process and you have to be patient because it usually takes up to 30 days or  more for the whole thing to go through all of the steps. Well that is what i went through with aetna. but, i was also denied 3 times. and finally after the 3rd Minimed got involved and then i got everything approved in less than a week.  I would keep calling until you get the answers you are looking for... you have to be persistent and find out everything they need. Ask them 1 million questions get codes get everything you can think of write down dates of when you called and what they tell you when you call ...document everything so you are always ready for them.