Insulin is like water

So based on the debate I watched, our president said insulin is like water. It’ll be so cheap and you can purchase it like water lol


The price cap has limitations. There is a story here

At one time it was. Walmart/s brand is pretty reasonable, approx $25. a bottle, used to use it, and at times i still do.,],

Has anyone seen a price change?

Yep, insulin is flowing out of my faucet right now by the gallons. Only a crazy person would say something so crazy!

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@Lakuma - l ove your profile photo and of course your post.

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@wadawabbit, thanks! I first saw that statement on someone’s shirt during a Diabetes funding walk many years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since! :slight_smile:

@Lakuma - “stuck with me” - I love the pun🤣!
Take care.

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Hello, new here.
Yes, I’ve noticed that my co-pays for novolog and basal (tresiba) have dropped quite a bit.
My co-pay used to be $250 for a box of novolog pens and $620 for a box of tresiba pens.
So I had to pay the $250 for novolog and make it last as long as possible but the tresiba, I usually try to get a sample from my Endo because of cost.
Now my novolog is a $60 co-pay for a box of 5
My tresiba is still the same cost but my pharmacist will now break up boxes so I can get 1 pen at a time for $29.
These are pretty dramatic decreases in insulin cost.

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