Instant help needed

hi im kisa, 22 married and have been diabetic 8-9 years now. im sinkng and honestly i cant tell you why, which scares me. i have been taking my insulin and what not but i dont feel like it does me any good, regardless of what i do i can NEVER keep my bs at were its suppose to be ( literally every move i make my bs goes out of wack.). i no longer take intrested in the things i use to do, i am sad and want to cry all the time, i hate the f**king world and i feel like im dragging my husband down with me. a few months ago i lost ALOT of weight which i cant seem to get back ( currently 87 lb). My sleeping habit is ok but recently i have been waking up in the middle of the night in a pools of sweat. i just dont know what to do anymore, i am physically and emotionally drained, even just the amount of emotions i go through a day is ridiculous, its a FULL TIME job and i dont want to have this illness anymore i am not suicidal or anything, im just done and i need help… any advice would help just about now

@kisa2316 hi Kisa. This forum is for people with type 1 diabetes to help one another the best we can. There aren’t any doctors here that could directly give you medical advice without examining you.

You sound depressed and I urge you to start with your Endo to talk about your blood sugar swings and get a referral for someone who can help with the depression part. We all go through some elements of depression but clinical depression needs a medical professional. Good luck I hope you are ok

for diabetics, how often are you suppose to see your Endo? i see mine every 5-6 months and i think thats a bit too long…

@kisa2316 hi kisa… it depends on the endo and if you are having trouble. depends also on your endo’s understanding of what your insurance allows. in my opinion: 3 months is good for when you are having troubles and need a lot of help, again, you’ll have to check up on what your insurance will pay for. 6 months is good for routine bloodwork and for when things are good and smooth. I go a year for some specialists and 6 months for the rest but I don’t have any complaints right now.

thanks joe. you have said more to me than anyone has about my diabetes since ive been diagnosed. literally. thanks again

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I agree that 3 months is a good interval if you are struggling and insurance covers it. My current situation is 2 endocrinology appointments per year and 2 dietitian appointments per year, so I see someone about every 3 months.

T1D is a full time job, and it wears us down even in the good times. Hey, that brings resilience and character, right? There are so many problems to solve. But please remember that you can take stock of these difficulties and improve your situation.

Take a look at Diatribe’s website,, and Adam Brown’s book Bright Spots and Landmines that is available for free (or a donation) there. I also highly recommend some type of wellness or mindfulness. Even slow breathing can help us cope with our challenging lives.

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Maybe see an internist to rule out other factors for your depression, weight loss etc. If you have an illness or other condition it may affect your blood glucose as well. Relying completely on a specialist may cause some tunnel vision in health care. For example, I was regurgitating food and losing weight and my primary care doctor helped me and we discovered it was acid reflux. Prescription strength Prilosec literally saved me. It’s a good idea to get varied input on your health. Good luck