Inspirational Story/ Type 1 Trailblazer

"If ever there were a diabetic trailblazer, the honor should go to James William Quander, the longest-living African-American with type 1 diabetes on record. Born in 1918 in Washington, D.C., he was diagnosed with diabetes in early 1924, shortly before the age of six." Diabetes Health gives us his very inspiring story in the link below.

holy. crap. he's amazing.

That's an amazing story. I am so heartened to know that type 1 diabetics can live long as healthy lives with proper care.


Thanks for sharing! I wonder if it's still possible to get his book.

Sarah, here is the amazon page for his book.

Notice in small print there are some new and used copies available for less than half price.

That is an amazing story thank you so much for sharing Richard!!

Thanks for sharing this article. I look forward to reading your book also.

veryyy interesting!!

That should be required reading for everyone! Thanks!