Infusion sets and cats

I have a cat who enjoys chewing through my infusion set on my pump. I have a mini-med paradigm type and I'm at a total loss as to what to do to get him to stop. Out of the all the cats I own he's the only one who chews through the tubing and I'm frustrated. I've tried punishing him in various ways, but the problem is, he only does this when I'm usually asleep- and yes I know it's him because he's the only one who sleeps with me in the bed and I've caught him at it several times. So by the time I find out what he's done I have to change the tubing. While my insurance does pay for it, I am tired of waking up with ridiculously high blood sugars.


Would it harm the tubing at all if I put some sort of No-chew stuff on it?Or is there a cover (even a kids cover) I can purchase that would keep this from happening?

Getting rid of the cat is not an option as it's my partners cat. He's otherwise a really well behaved animal, just loves chewing on my pump tubing.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. :)

Have a squirt bottle on the night stand?

could you keep the cat away from you while you are sleeping? or you could buy a really strong tube that your cat could chew

or you could dedicate a pump tube or 2 to let your cat chew up and when they are destroyed, give him a new one

I have a cat that sleeps with me too.  My cat usually doesn't bother it, she has only chewed on it a couple of times and it wasn't bad enough that I had to change the set.  But I do sleep under the covers all the time.  But I would suggest that you tuck your tubing inside your pj pants.  That's what I do.  I don't know if this would help you or not, but it works for me, my cat doesn't bother mine.

Do not use No-chew, it will meet with your skin and cause a reaction, it is dangerous for you to come in skin contact with the stuff and it will erode any viable metal so don't use it with your pump. ALSO No-chew is for well ventilated use only, so it will mess up your brain/lungs/ who know what else.  you can click here to read all the reasons not to use this on your person.

You obviously love your animals, you have a picture of your dog as your icon, but love yourself too. While sleeping with your animals may comfort you, this is not comforting. You would kick out an animal that bites you in your sleep, so do the right thing and kick out the one that chews your pancreas.

If it is the cats joy vs your health, choose your health after all cats have many joys. =)

That's the last thing I'd want to do since that'd only encourage him and give him the notion that it's okay to chew it. He'll not know the difference between what tubing is okay to chew and what isn't.

Ah, I found what you need

Bitter apple chewing prohibitive

Works with most pets and it won't make you skin fall off.

OMG THAT'S CRAZY!! My cat just runs away at the smell of insulin.

I have cats and they like to chew on my tubing when they notice it.  I got mine to stop by sqirting their nose each time they went for it.  After a few squirts....wham, no more chewing.

Good Luck.