I have hope :)

I love my daughter :heart:️Hey guys tomorrow will be a week since my daughter was diagnosed , this is still new to me and I’m still scared but I’m no longer hopeless… if I don’t have hope for her who will… thank you guys I read a lot of these post and I now have hope… I’m still sad but we will all beat this some day and a cure will be found !!! Be positive and love the life you are given … no time to dwell and be negative … Lisabella will live a long and normal life because I will contribute to that … she’s my daughter and even if we are all scared we also have the will power to fight for who we love !


Hi @Mozluvsme18, I’m so glad you are feeling better about this transition and I love that you are hopeful now. I don’t think I wrote you before but im happy to be the first one to respond to your positivity. Keep up the amazing work :+)

an Irish toast to you “Tús maith leath na hoibre”.

(A good Start is Half the Work)

Hi Mayra!
I am new here as well, my 10 year old son was diagnosed on December 22nd. I love the positivity in your post… I am scared too but like Joe said, half of the battle is mental. Stay strong Momma!