How to keep using expired g5 sensor

Been trying to figure out how to keep using the 7 day old sensor; how do I reset the supplied receiver to start over.

I’d like to know too. I hope you get some answers!:slight_smile:

It’s very easy. You just let the machine think you applied a new sensor. When it tells you it’s done, arrow down to start sensor. It will still take two hours to reset itself, but you saved a sensor.

Thanks, Kitty. I did learn that later on, but also how to go ahead and start a new cycle before old one ends, like when I am getting the alert to change my sensor soon, when i am going to be away from home for awhile

I scroll down to the bottom, where it says “stop sensor” (don’t press “shut down” or you’ll have to pull the transmitter off the sennsor and maybe pull whole thing out.) When I stop the sensor, and go up to "start sensor, I press it and voila, new cycle starts.