How to find motivation?

Hi guys! I am new to this group but have been type one diabetic for 8 years now I am 20 and my junior year in college. Its been weird from the beginning I was diagnosed from a family practitioner and never went to the hospital from diagnosis. I try to rack my brain every day thinking of how I can be motivated to get a better A1c. It’s been anywhere from 9-13. I partied too much over the summer in Mexico and low and behold ended up in DKA and didnt know it until I passed out and was taken by a roommate to the hosptial. In ICU for a week, torn esophougaus from too much throwing up, etc. After that I tried my best to get on top of my health and control it but at the end of a lot of my days I feel like I am living with a death sentence! My question is what you guys do to really just work with your health rather than against it, where to find that motivation you know?

CONGRATULATIONS Piper @piperleedaniels celebrate your early death sentence and welcome to this forum of people who, and people who care for those who, have received our early death sentence and continue to live productive lives. Yeah, my EARLY death sentence was issued in 1957 and was to be carried out in five, maybe ten, years yet I have been productive working more than 50 years, prosperous and I’ve done every I’ve ever wanted to do while managing my T1D to fit my lifestyle. Yes, with a little effort it can be done.

With your heading for this string, you have hit the key element - motivation. Set some goals for yourself [other than a better Hb A1c], something you want to achieve, some rewarding career, marriage & family and then utilize the three elements of diabetes management [activity, diet, insulin] in a way to help you feel well and be physically fit and able to do those things you want. My motivation was a woman I met with whom I wanted to live for a long, long time and raise a family together; this was after I somehow stayed alive for 9 years without seeing a doctor or caring about what I ate, drank or did.

I said a goal “… other than a better Hb A1c” for a particular reason. An Hb A1c is only a tool or a numeric reading, a report card on the manner on which YOU are managing your diabetes; study your body, read, do research and apply some - a few at a time - some management techniques and see what results you achieve and then ask yourself, if you don’t like ‘the report’ what you could have done differently.
[Note that I am NOT disparaging the Hg/Hb A1c in any way, it may be one of our greatest tools. I was part of the A1c, glycosylated hemoglobin, development studies in the early 1970’s]

My bottom line Piper, live the life you want to live, be productive and be able to look back and admire what you have done and manage your diabetes intelligently to fit your lifestyle. You, principally you, will determine your outcome - my short-tern goal is to have a big celebration on my 91st birthday - the 75th anniversary of my formal [using your words] “death sentence”.

Oh my, Piper! So sorry to hear that you are not motivated (yet) and that you experienced DKA. A situation and person much like yours is what recently motivated me to join this group. My grandson is 21(diagnosed at about age 16)and also experienced DKA. He is now staying at my house during the week so he can get help with his drinking problem.

I’ll respond to your post from a grandparent’s perspective and what I am experiencing. It is sooooo painful watching my grandson struggle with t1d. It rips all of us apart who love him. If you can’t yet do it for yourself, then do it for those who love you. I know it can be difficult to find friends in college who do not drink, but try and find at least one very healthy, sober friend who will be there for you.

I think you are awesome and brave for posting on this website. That tells me you have already started to motivate yourself. I encourage you to continue to reach out, join a support group, do everything you can to get yourself out of the denial of what you are doing to your body and to those who love you.

Be good to yourself. You are worth it!

@piperleedaniels hi piper,

I am no angel. I ignored diabetes for many years. When I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I did something about it.

a question: have you really “tried your best” ? you are very close to learning the secret, and it’s actually in the sentence above.

ok so for your question: to take care of my head I try to help people. I guess I just think that there is no such thing as a normal life, there’s just life, so live it. if it changes anything, we are rooting for you.