How much did your child weigh at birth?

We were at a whopping 10 pounds 13 oz! When my OB pulled him out (via c-section) he called him a moose LOL… I literally still can’t believe my son was that big at birth!

8lb. 9oz. and born with a normal blood sugar.

The week before the ultrasound tech told me he was measuring over 10 pounds and would keep getting bigger! With a diabetic pregnancy a lot of people make assumptions.

I can’t answer from personal experience (yet), but my mom is also a T1D and I weighed 6 lbs 6 oz at birth. And this was in the early 80’s–long before pumps, CGMs, and all of our current technology. Doing some research for my own future pregnancy, I can’t possibly understand how she managed to do it and for me to have been born healthy. She once told me that she got her first BG meter when she found out she was pregnant. (!!!) Kinda blows my mind–I think we are lucky in this day and age for all of the tools at our disposal!


For sure! I know a bunch of type 1’s from BT (Before Technology LOL) I don’t know how they did it either! I suppose its part genetics, and some luck too.

The tools definitely make life with D easier! During pregnancy it can be a bit stressful at times but, you just do the best you can, and keep as calm and stress free as possible! If you ever have questions please free to ask me anytime!

At my 28 week growth scan, the OB said the baby was measuring 2 weeks ahead, already 4lbs, and in the 98th percentile for weight! Of course, it made me think my sugars haven’t been good enough, even though I’ve been maintaining a 5.4 A1c. My endo told me that the growth scans are often wrong, so I’m hoping that’s the case!

Just two days before birth the baby was measured to be between 8-9 pounds. I was at 39 weeks when I gave birth. They were pretty off I’d say! I believe it was more genetics than diabetes because my husbands side had all VERY big babies, my husband was 9 pounds, his sister was 10 pounds and my father in law was 15 pounds at birth!!! On my side both my sister and I were 8 pounds. You just never know !

My son is 80th percentile for weight now, and 99th percent in height! He’s only 14 months but his height makes him seem 2 yrs old! He probably weighs about 24-25 pounds now. My little bowling ball! lol

My daughter was born at 40 weeks and she weighed 8 lbs 4 oz. I was able to skip the induction that was recommended at 38 weeks because my sugars were in such a tight range and I was able to maintain an a1c between 4.9 and 5.3 during my pregnancy. You really have to fight for what you want when you’re pregnant with diabetes!

Have all of you ladies in this thread delivered via C section? I am not exactly clear on if that is ALWAYS the case…


It’s not always the case. I chose a c-section last minute on my own but, a lot of my friends with diabetes did not. Every person is different!

@Gina - thanks!

My DD was 6#15oz at 39wks. She was born via scheduled csection only because she was breech. The drs said they just would not let me go beyond 40wks but not necessarily via csection. She was/is stubborn!


haha! I was a scheduled induce but, after almost 19 hours I only dilated .5cm!! The doctor said I could have two more cervidils and still need a section so I just chose to have it on my own. And I was against c-sections my entire pregnancy! I had it in my head it was going to be vaginal.

The doctor who delivered my son was not my regular OB but, I knew him after seeing him in the office a couple of times. He said that if I would have tried to deliver him vaginally that it would have been a disaster because of how big he was and it would have been an emergency c-section instead. So, I thank my lucky stars it all worked out the way it did! You can’t plan it! Right???

My two babies were born without c-section both with epidurals. My first was at 35 weeks. My water broke and I ended up being induced because my labor wasn’t accelerating quickly enough. He was 5 lbs 15 oz. He would have been big if born full term. My second was born at 38.5 weeks and weighed 9 lbs! Both my boys ended up having low blood sugar following birth but was regulated within 24 hours and thank G-d not a big deal! We have big babies in the genes- I had two nephews born soon after my son- one was 9-6 and the other 10-6. So it’s hard for me to know if the weight was diabetes related, genetic, or both :). Barring any complications, all doctors I have heard of will allow you to attempt a natural delivery just as any mom. Of course, the most important thing is a healthy baby ( and mommy). Any way the baby arrives- c- section or not- it’s the most amazing blessing there is!

7 pounds 14 ounces at 38 1/2 weeks. I was supposed to be induced at week 39 but I became pre-eclamptic after being on bed rest for a week and a half for high blood pressure. My liver also started shutting down so I was on magnesium via IV. When my boy fell asleep sideways after an hour and 40 minutes of pushing, I had a c-section and a healthy baby. :slight_smile:

My baby boy was 7lbs 6oz and I did not have a csection. He was big considering he was 3 weeks early!

My daughter weighed 8 1/2 lbs at 37 weeks and we chose a c-section because my OB said her chest was measuring bigger than her head. My blood sugars were good my entire pregnancy and my a1c was in the 6’s but because we do take an “artificial” growth hormone my high risk specialist says sometimes not always you will grow bigger babies. She said we could try an induction but I was not effaced or dilated at all. she said I was “high and tight” and she didn’t think it would be successful and she also didn’t want her to get stuck, sooooo I put my pride aside and made the healthiest choice for my baby. She was beautiful and never was low.

my beautiful baby girl was born at 8 lbs 10 oz. I was induced at 35 weeks due to preeclampsia, but she was completely healthy


You should share your experience in this thread about Pre-eclampsia: One of our members is looking for advice.

I’m currently 29w4d. My a1c (last week) was 5.8 (was 5.6 in April). We had a growth u/s at 28 week and they said I am measuring 2-3 weeks ahead (fundal height), and baby is about a week ahead (measured 29w5days at 28w3days). At 28w3d they measured baby to be 3.5 pounds, 78th percentile. BUT… the perinatologist said that the abdominal measurement alone put him in the 90th percentile. My OB said this is typical for babies of diabetic moms, and a larger abdomen can have risks like shoulder dystocia during delivery even if the head does fit through the canal. The fluid level looks good and I’ve had no complications whatsoever, and what my endocrinologist is calling amazing control over the blood sugars so far.

My husband was 9 lb 8 oz and I was 7lb 6 oz. Maybe my baby will be big based on genetics, but I can’t help but feeling like I’ve done something to make him too big too early. (Foolish or not, I feel blame for having diabetes and that causing his size increase and larger abdomen.) Yesterday my OB ordered 2 more growth u/s (32 and 36 weeks) and biophysical profiles, as well as 2x week NSTs starting at 32 weeks, and if the baby continues on this trajectory for size, I should consider a scheduled C-section. They told me otherwise they’d like to induce at 39 weeks. I’m not dead set against C-section, but I really want to experience labor (induced or not) and try for a vaginal birth. I am worried more about the healing/infection risks, delayed milk coming in (biggest fear), and not being able to experience labor at all. Prior to this I was working on getting OB to agree that I could go past 39 if everything looked great and baby was doing fine to give him/me more time for my body to be ready before induction.

I realize maybe I’m worrying about the size and C-section a bit early as the 32 and 36 week u/s could show something different or baby’s growth will plateau. I actually lost .5 pounds between my 6/27 and 7/15 appointments and the doctor said I may have gained more weight early on (gained 23 pounds so far) and my weight may plateau but baby continues to grow.

Any advice from those of you who were induced, or told your baby was too big for vaginal delivery, or generally just told your baby was huge because of your diabetes? It’s nice to talk about this to people who know what this is like! :wink:


I can completely relate to your post. My baby was also measuring about two weeks ahead at our 28 week growth u/s. But in my case, his head was slightly larger than the rest of his body. My doc didn’t seem to worry about it, but I am so anxious to know about delivery. She hasn’t mentioned anything about yet, so I have no idea what to expect, really. I’m hoping someone else who has been through this can offer some advice!

If your baby was measuring ahead early in the third trimester, were you induced early? Recommended a C-section? I know babies have their own plans and I can’t predict the future, but I’m so curious as to what to expect!