How does Splenda affect your bs's?

I've been doing a little experiment lately to see if Splenda really helps keep bs lower.  What I have discovered is that, for me at least, no it doesn't.  I've done the exact same thing, food and everything, on different days and the only difference was with my cup of mint tea at bed one night I drank it plain (that would take some getting used to) and one night I added Splenda.  The difference on my bs in the morning was HUGE, it was well over a 100 point difference and NOT in favor of Splenda.  So I was wondering if I'm the only one that this happens to, and if not, what do you do to compensate?  Is there something else you use that works better?

I've not noticed any blood sugar increase from Splenda.  You might try your test again and see if same thing happens. 

I would do at least 3 days of splenda and 3 days of plain (if you can stand it.) Maybe there was different exercise or stress or something the splenda day. It is hard to tell from 1 data point. But if all 3 days behave the same way, then it is the Splenda. If you get no response the other 2 days, you might have just had a weird D day/night.

Good luck!

Splenda does not increase my numbers at all.  I've never even heard of this until now.

I've never heard of splenda lowering your BG -- it's just carb-free so doesn't raise your BG.

I will try again and do more days each time.  I just found it weird that everything else was the same.

@Sarah - I should have said not raised bs instead of lowering them.  But that is what I meant.

I always take a little insulin for splenda when I have it in my tea or coffee, or it will raise my bs. I count each packet for about 3 carbs and that seems to be working for me.

I have never noticed if it raises or lowers.  I wouldn't be surprised if it raises it a little, but I don't think it has ever made enough of a difference for me to notice.  Maybe if it was a lot of splenda.  i am sure some people are far more sensitive to it then others.  let us know how it turns out with your other trials.

I've never really noticed if it raises bg or not either.  But then I guess I don't use much of it.  I often drink tea without sweetener, and with coffee I use one packet at the most - sometimes half a packet.

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I always take a little insulin for splenda when I have it in my tea or coffee, or it will raise my bs. I count each packet for about 3 carbs and that seems to be working for me.


It might actually be the caffeine.  Not sure of the science behind it, but caffeine will raise blood sugar.  Noticed a pretty substantial drop when I switched to decaf with morning coffee. 

Yea it could be the caffeine, I actually account for that too and take some insulin for it. but it doesn't raise my blood sugar when I drink soda? Idk everything has so many different effects, it gets frustrating trying to figure them all out!

At my last endo appointment I was questioned about my blood pressure.  It was a little higher than the last visit.  I commented that I had had my coffee as normal where as last time was a diet coke.  She chuckled and said that they are different caffienes and can actually act differently.  I didn't know whether to laugh or take notes. 

Slenda does not affect my BS but, my doctor said sometimes CAFFEINE can....maybe something to think about?? :) 

I have never had any effects with splenda but I always do when i drink coffee, especially if i have espresso. If i don't take insulin when I drink coffee it brings me up at least 200 points.

I don't find that it raises my blood sugar too much but I am not fond of the taste. I like using Stevia which is derived from the stevia plant. I only use sweeteners sometimes, I try to stay away from them as much as I can.