Hospital bill any help welcome

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated 

My fiance had gone to the hospital because an infection she was going into diabetic ketoacidosis while we were there we inquired if we could get any help because we could not shoulder the weight of the bill. so we filled out the forms and were told that "the emergency insurance would cover this visit" now a little more than a month later we have bills piling up we got a statement from the insurance saying they would only pay 2K of the 9.4K hospital bill.

which i believe to be bull**** they charged us 824$ for 279$ worth of medicine(according to the prices on the label of the bottles she has, 2 types of insulin, penicillin and 2 other pill scripts, need to find more paperwork.) as well as the fact that they kept her in ICU the whole 3 days she was there despite the fact they wanted to move her downstairs after the first night  "all the beds were filled" so she had no choice but to stay in ICU

to be honest with all of you im not sure what to do and i've come here seeking advice and hopeing for help
thank you for taking the time to read this

PS sorry for any misspellings, not my strong point

i prolly should add that we makes about 22K a year and after work expenses right around 15-16K  

the main reason behind the emergency insurance only paying 2K is cause "you make to much money" but paying the remainder if the bill would be about 6 months of our income

I would think about declaring bankruptcy, there is an article here

Welcome to the world of insurance.  You can try contesting the insurance claim, but my guess is that if you review your contract with the insurance company you'll find that they'll only pay up to $2,000 or some other loophole.

Set an appointment with the hospital billing department to apply for charity care and review the bill and ask if it can be reduced.   Do the same with any doctor's office, the ambulance provider and anyone else you get a bill from.  Then you're going to have to set up payment plans with everyone.  Most hospitals are happy with $25 a month.  Pay as much as you can afford, remembering you might be paying multiple doctors/ambulance, etc. and they'll each want a monthly payment.  Increase the payments as much as you can afford to over time.  If you are eligible for charity care it will cover the hospital part but you'll still owe the other vendors.  

You might be tempted to procrastinate dealing with this, but handle it right away.  If you don't it will be turned over to collections and cause you more money and mess up your credit for a long time.

You could declare bankruptcy, but it's probably not smart since you only owe about $7,500.