Help me save myself

I was diagnosed at with type 1 at the age of 25. My son was a 9lb 3 ounce baby, my wife was in labor with him for 5 days, in this span I went from feeling totally fine. To all of the sudden super thirsty, frequent urgent urination, odd sore pains in my front thighs and backs of arms. Upon being super thirsty and I had a filling break loose in my rear tooth. Went to the the dentist after 6 days, dentist discovered yeast infection, go to hospital blood sugars in the 800’s. Bs had been in the 300’s average for years. Fast forward 3 1/2 years, i lost my wife, had an iscemic stroke, and now even though my averages are under 200. I’m having trouble sleeping. I know I have to get to the doctor, but I’ve been put on lantus 24 units, and novolog for corrections appx another 16-24 units depending. Does anyone else struggle this much? Is there a different insulin I should be taking? Is the poor sleep due to kidney disease? Help!

@Alex33martin33 hi Alex, sorry to hear you are having troubles. to pu t it generally, yes we all have troubles nobody here thinks controlling blood sugar is easy and I have 40 years experience with it - I do not think it’s easy at all.

since you have a complex set of conditions, all I can really do is urge you to go to an endocrinologist and come up with a plan.

Lantus and novolog are perfectly fine and known widely as “MDI” or multiple daily injection therapy. MDI can work, just like pumping and other therapies but there is a ton of work and effort. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of work and effort with any kind of therapy including pumping.

the only way you can control anything is to measure it. testing blood sugar is a part of our life now that we don’t make insulin. you don’t mention it but testing before each meal and testing about 2 hours after each meal and before bed 7 checks a day… are you testing?

if I had to guess from 'Jersey over a computer i’d say that you have anxiety about taking care of yourself and that may be contributing to bad sleep. good luck please let us know how you are doing.

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O ya hit the nail on the head with anxiety. I wasn’t checking normally for the first few years. Now I’am. Hence why they are averaging under 200 nowadays.

@Alex33martin33. Well then, that’s just the back of your head telling the front of your head to “do or die”. Copy that, I didn’t check my blood sugar for 10+ years then went to the doctors and started over. If I can do it so can you.

Hello Alex, I was reading your statement and everything u were saying sounded so familiar. I’ve been a type 1 since I was six, and nobody tells u that sometimes the stresses that everyday life puts on u can also affect your diabetes. And I see that u are going thur a lot of stresses, but I do agree with Joe, test your blood sugar as often as u can will help u keep yourself in check. I’ve been where u are, and trust, it does get better. Just check your blood sugars more…

God Bless you, u got it…(smile)

Hi Alex,
Have you considered wearing a CGM? (Continuous Glucose Meter) I am not diabetic, but I have a young daughter who is and we find great comfort in knowing that Dexcom is watching her while we sleep and throughout the day. There are alarms that sound to tell you when to treat highs and lows. This has helped us with her care and has offered a great peace of mind to help take the edge off the anxiety piece. I’ll be honest, it’s quite expensive. But to us, it’s well worth the expense and she loves not having to be finger pricked so often. The devise sends glucose numbers to a receiver every 5 minutes so you can review your status at any time.

Another suggestion is to read the book Sugar Surfing by Dr. Stephen Ponder. It is a great resource talking about how to keep blood sugars in check.

I wish you all the best in your care.

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Call Dexcom for a Dexcom 6 To monitor your glucose. It is a life changer next …

Get an Omnipod PumpWhich is another life changer if you have the two items you will find that your life has changed and you will be able to be a whole complete person again
You can wear it on your stomach on your arms or the back of your hips

I have found it is a complete life changer Ask your Enzo Dr. your life will improve 150% blessings :pray::wink::two_hearts::wolf:

Hi Alex,

Sorry you are having more than a tough time at the mo. This will pass even if it may not seem like it right now. Diabetes is freaking frustrating at times especially when life throws in some extras that make a bad day ten times worse. I have had td1 for 4 years (40 now)and last year I had an ischemic stroke too. Thankfully I am very lucky and had no deficits after the initial stroke although it did scare me and it gave me anxiety for the first time. My endo was the one who said it probably wasn’t down to my diabetes and after blood tests found out what most likely caused it- not diabetes. Finding out the cause really took away the anxiety and this helped.
When it comes to blood sugar, stress good and bad can make it rise so figuring out when you need more or less insulin helps. At work I need a lot more insulin than when I get home.
If you are finding it really rough right now, you are already reaching out to the online community so you are being proactive. Depending on your insurance you are probably able to be approved for 2-3 diabetes education sessions which can help you get back in track with your control. When I went through I can’t control my sugar, a time that seemed like an age but was more like a month or two, I saw a diabetes eduacator who helped me ground myself again and begin to get more control over my blood sugar.
I hope the his helps. I wouldn’t dismiss your stroke, because having one really had a huge effect on me and it added a lot of stress from the anxiety it caused.

Wishing you the best.

Yes this is very common. With the sugars and the sleeping. I’ve had Diabetes since I was 18 months old an I’m 31 now. It’s about finding what works for you and what works for you Now cause you changes as we age. A nother note is getting in to a routine to help with both sugars and sleep. Try to keep hydrated and eating smaller meals and more snack that are low in fat an carbs. You could try no caffeine and trying benadryl to help with sleep. Thats what helps me a little rite now. Most of all just try different things untell you find what does work.

hi everyone and hi alex, im new to the online. community but i’ve been diagnosed with diabetes 17 years ago, taking in perspective everything you said i would like to suggest you to monitor your blood level and to manage the doses on the lantus, try even to talk to your doctor in order to change to the novonordisk Tresiba its a new fda approved alternative to lantus with a longer duration and for the novolog i used to have it but since 2011 i changed to novorapid my dosages are approximately 10-14units giving more than that causes me a hypoglycemie so it could be good ig u recheck that with your doctor but its all depending on the carbs, i know its hard going through these stuff whislt having a lifetime battle with t1d but on this time you have to be strong monitor your dosages and your meals and always have water, i wish you good luck