Grandchild bruises easily. Why now?

He is bruising easier then he used too. Could It be the insulin? Or anemia? His Mom is having a check of a time. Trying to keep his glucose level down and change

I have been diagnosed for almost 7 years and just recently I’ve been bruising a lot more than usual. I thought it was because a new medicine I was taking that was not related to diabetes. I went to my endo and she just requested me to get some labwork done. She told me to go to my family doctor and ask them to fill out a lab form. I would definitely have his mom talk with the endo and/or family doctor because they will know what to do.

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It could be related to diabetes, but not necessarily. I’m not a “medical” doctor so I won’t try to diagnose but whatever is causing his easy bruising could also be causing his high glucose levels.

Yes, by all means please get a doctor involved, I’ve used insulin for more than 60 years and didn’t bruise, not even when I had blood drawn from a vein until I began using blood thinner a couple of years ago for another condition.

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