I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in december 2015. I am currently on novo mix 50. My doctor wants me to start taking Glucophage. he says to use it as a combination with novo. I am only 24 years. i have heard that the long term oral tablets tend to affect your kidneys. Can somebody guide me on this issue?

You should be seeing an Endocrinologist, if you aren’t already. Type 1 diabetics are not supposed to take Type 2 drugs. It sounds like your doctor is confusing the two. I know there are a lot of new drugs coming on the market for Type 2, but my doc has not said any of them are applicable to a type 1 diabetic.

I am seeing an Endocrinologist currently. I changed from my earlier one since he didnt really listen to my concerns. This guy si trying to push it on to me. he says now its recommended for pregnant women. It is completely harmless. but i am not sure.

Davyboy, I respectfully disagree.

There are many competent Endo’s who prescribe Type 2 drugs for their Type 1 patients. Januvia, metforim (glucophage), Invokana to name a few. The T1 patients are using these drugs in combination with their insulin regimen, not in lieu of insulin.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this; it depends on the patient and the endo. I saw a presentation about this at a JDRF conference this years. I know more than a few long-term T1s now using Invokana with their insulin. My endo prescribes Januvia for me. Again, this is the going thought in T1 treatment, that possibly T2 drugs will help.

Many Endos prescribe Type 2 drugs for their Type 1 patients. I’m 25, have had type one since I was 10. I am also very insulin resistant so my Endo put me on Metforim and it has helped greatly with my numbers.