Geographic polifwration question

Approximately 8 - 10 years ago I took note that between 1954 to early 1970’s there were 8 children diagnosed with T1 within 1.5 blocks of where I lived. I didnt have the means to go beyond those I knew in looking for other children dx with T1.
Firstly know that T1 began with me on both sides of my family.* I grew up in a small town east of Hbg.PA… Here’s my record of diagnoses.

#1 is a male 2 yrs older than me; was dx 1954; lived 2 houses away.
#2 was me, 1956; age 4.5.
#3 is #1’s younger brother, 1958,;
#4 was a boy a year older than me; lived 1/2 block up the street exact year of dx unknown; (may be deceased).
#5 is my sister, 10 yr younger, than me 1965;
#6 was my sister’s playmate (deceased) of same age dx a few years after her; She lived in house behind us.
#7 was a teenage girl dx in mid 60s; she lived 1.5 blocks from me next to good friends of mine.
#8 a boy across the street from me in early 70’s. His older sister played with my youngest sister

I found this a bit unusual but perhaps it’s not. It is a broad time span. I had already written to the CDC & Johns Hopkins University with no replies. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

*Proliferation of T1 in family after my dx is another story.

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Henry @Hen51, that is quite a collection. I bet you and some other folks are asking “what’s in the water”.

From your personal long time living with diabetes, I assume that you have heard that Autoimmune Diabetes, the one now currently being termed TypeOne, where the body’s autoimmune system actually kills-off insulin-producing beta cells does not commonly run in families and is not often inherited. Which, of the half-dozen or so varieties, of diabetes do these folks have? There are several conditions with the common symptom of of diabetes mellitus - two Greek words simply meaning frequent siphoning-off sweet water. There are many instances of Identical Twins, one who has T1D and the other who does not.

Monogenic Diabetes, does travel in families and is inherited. It looks much like T1D and very, very few physicians are able to distinguish it from autoimmune. Monogenic, sometimes called MODI Diabetes is caused by mutation of a gene and is passed from one generation to the next and can often affect all offspring of the person passing it gene.

Dennis, I have kept up with some of the research & am fairly certain mine is the Auro-immune variety. There was no hx of T1 in my family It began with me then it was dx in my sister by age 5 & children a generation younger on both sides of my family. I have other auto-immune conditions too such as vitiligo, allergies & an unnamed auto-immune condition which causes low grade fevers, fatigue & exhaustion to name a few sx. My Rheumatologist/Immunologist prescribed Plaquenel a few years ago & that has provided some relief. Having a disease without a name is very shame producing.

A maternal, 1st cousin developed T1 around age 5-6. She is 3 yrs younger than I am. As young adult she developed Lupus. T1 may not commonly run in families but it certainly did in mine.

I can only speak to 50% of my list of individuals where I grew up to say that it was not in the families of individuals listed.

I am not familiar with less common forms of diabetes which look like T1. ADA Forecast has been main source of info.from childhood forward Maxwell as online articles…

Hi @Hen51 and thank you for sharing you query with the forum. I can’t contribute to your inquiry about the number of nearby cases, just wanted to say please don’t feel ashamed about having a condition that is so far undiagnosed. I know that’s easy to say, but it’s certainly not your fault. As much as we know about science abs medicine we still find there is more we still don’t know or understand. If course I hope at some point they are able to find a diagnosis and treatment specifically targeted to it in order to provide even greater relief than you are getting now.
Wishing you the best in your search for that, and the answer to your original question.

I know longer try to explain it bc very few understand the unnamed category. You can imagine all the unsolicited theories & solutions I received. An amazing % of people are suspicious about doctors. About 10 yrs ago my Mom started with what a man told her as to what the illness sounded like & what I should do. I calmly & in a nice way said something like, “Mom, I don’t know why I’ve wasted money & time with medical specialists who have studied for years. I should be staying away from doctors & listening to all the lay people giving me their diagnoses & treatments bc they seem to know a lot more than my specialists.” She didn’t offer any lay dx or treatments after that. Nuff said.

This is likely unrelated, but my brother and I grew up on the West Shore (Lemoyne). I was diagnosed in 1982, and my brother in 1992 (hew was 21 I was 12).

No history. We jokingly blame TMI.