From Los Angeles

Hello Everyone

I want to be a healthy diabetic. It’s extremely difficult for me. I have no real support system. Friends and family just don’t understand. I hope i can make friends. Hope everyone has a great Monday !

Hi @Rtapia07. I am so sorry you do not have a support system. I hope you are healthy and just happen to have diabetes. Diabetes won’t (or at least doesn’t have to) define who you are. -v

Hi @Rtapia07, hope things will turn a corner for you soon. I used to live in LA, and I know that despite, or because of, the huge population, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone on your journey.

I’m obviously not aware of your specific situation, but I do have some experience with family not really understanding what it means for someone with a chronic condition like diabetes (my son has several food allergies that started as an infant, and now T1D). Especially when you’re dealing with T1D instead of the more common T2, which has different causes and management requirements.

Keep your chin up, my man, you’ve got a few people in your corner here.