Forced to accept we are really alone

As I finding out this is very rare and most type 1 don’t experience these rare side effects of insulin aspart. I keep going to my Dr trying to figure out how this happened. Only answer is you needed your families help you couldn’t do it on your own. I am someone who hates it when they beat around the bush sort of say. So now they are just truthful. Now I don’t know if I like that. Because I want to take responsibility for this but they aren’t allowing me take the whole buden. We get those looks those questions and so often those words of advice. With those little sort of kindness in true it is jabs at our sole. I am sure we all have those stories of when we hide how sick we are just because it is easier then explaining why you look healthy but saying your so sick you can’t get out of bed. If it wasn’t for me loosing control and putting my love of my life and 2 kid’s life in danger. Now I am having to do all these intense realization that I didn’t know all about the drugs they where giving me to keep me alive. I am reading fda regulations on these medication and just finding out there are things we have disclose to our loved ones. If we hide it in and try to hide it there can be deadly consequences. I sure wish the Dr or pharmaceutical would say all side effects and how to treat them even if rare and hardly never happen. There was classes I should of taking the family too there was help I should of told my family I will be more of a danger then a help if we don’t get help. I always thought of this as my problem never realized for me to be as healthy as I could be I needed help from them. I am writing on here because I am having a hard time admitting I needed my family’s help. I am hoping there are more people to share there insulin reactions.

@lisandustin i never knew there were side effects of insulins, other then hypo… i guess we take for granted when things work… sucks to hear it effects you in a negative way as i take it? i have nothing to add other then to research any drug that you are planning on or prescribed and ask questions on any part of it wither with the pharmacy or your doctor… anytime i am prescribed a new med i ask lots of questions and also do my own research as i feel taking insulin is enough and wont be a walking med cabinet unless absolute needed

and far as talking to family, it is hard, its hard for anyone to know the daily struggle of what you go through when they have never walked in those shoes… i find it is easier to talk to a stranger sometimes that has type 1 as they get the little things that can cause such a roller coaster of a ride…

Hi Dustin @lisandustin, don’t over react but be aware and know what you are doing BEFORE you begin any medicine. Keep in mind that the old time-worn “doctor order” to take two aspirin and call me in the morning could very easily be fatal.

I’m in my seventh decade of using insulin to stay alive and with every vial of insulin I’ve opened there has bee a full disclosure of the product that includes all known side affects - READ THAT DOCUMENT and also go online and read the full FDA analysis. Certainly there are risks with everything we do, but I accept the risk of infusing myself with insulin. Just this morning, I read the insert with a vial of lispro I just opened - just to refresh my memory.

You are NOT forced to use aspart - there are other insulin formulations you could use.