Feeling Alone

People (aka family) always tell me if they could take this all away from me and give it to themselves they would. But they don’t understand how hard it really is. And how alone you feel, because they don’t understand what your body feels like or how you feel. Like honestly sometimes I feel embarrassed about have to check my blood sugar or give myself insulin. And i just feel alone, like i cant talk about it.

The truth is, you are a unique person. Diabetes is one way you are unique, but there are a lot of other things about you that make you your own person. That’s completely normal and it’s a good thing. It makes life interesting.

No one can really understand living with diabetes except another person with it. Other people can love you and learn all about diabetes, but it’s different being the one who actually has it.

It’s okay to do diabetes your way. If you feel embarrassed checking your blood or giving insulin, you can stop in the bathroom for a minute. The only thing you should never be embarrassed to do is treat a low blood sugar. I’ve done that before, and ended up being WAY more embarrassed when I turn into a hypo mess. It’s better just to eat a glucose tablet and not make a big deal of it.

Have you ever heard of Myers Briggs personality types? It’s usually something you learn about in college, but you might like it. It’s a personality test (you can find free versions online) that evaluate strengths and weaknesses. It might help you understand yourself better and help you understand your family better too.

I know exactly how you feel! I’m 15 years old and I’ve had diabetes for 8 years. I absolutely hate it. My friends can eat whatever they want and do whatever they want and I can’t. They’re always asking me if I’m ok or if I’m going to die and stupid things like that. I feel so left out all of the time. Like no one understands or even cares how I feel and it sucks.


No matter what other people say they will never understand. One of the school nurses in my school said to me the other day when I checked my sugar “see diabetes isn’t so bad right?” WRONG. I get she meant it in a happy way but she doesn’t get it. Most of the time my parents don’t let my diabetes take over my life, but I hate it when my sugar is a little high and that dictates whether or not I can go to my friend’s house. Thats why I love these sites. Here we can connect with one another. We are the only ones who can truly say I know how you feel and mean it.

That feeling will come and go for years unfortunately thats just how it is but it gets better as you get older it gets easier and you tell yourself its just a stupid disease. Ive had diabetes for 16 years this year and yea its sucked ive had a1Cs of 13 ive been hospitalized more times then i can remember. Ive been asked over a million time even by adults if my pump was a beeper -.- but the only thing is people dont know what diabetes are. what it’s caused by and such. IDK about you but i’ve had a bunch of people asking if its from eating too much sugar -.- or if i can even eat sugar. Diabetes is something alot of people have no clue what it is. Unless of course its effect themselves or a family member or friend. Just remember YOU ARE DIFFERENT. Not everyone is. Like someone else said your unique and obviously strong. This is not an easy disease to cope with so keep your chin up IT ONLY GETS EASIER. I still have my stuggles being 19 even tho ive been diagnosed since i was 4. :slight_smile:

wow…you have some harsh friends…

I know just what u r going through. I and another freshman r the only ones at our school who have type 1. Both of us said to each other “why me” until we found out that we both had diabetes. I was shocked to find out that my docter has type 1 and is leading a happy life. So don’t feel sorry for yourself when people clown u or say they know how u feel cause in more ways then 1 they don’t. Be strong.

WOW,8 YEARS! U must know a lot of things about this. I am new to this and it totally stinks because u r not “u” anymore. U have to check before and after u do stuff. To me that takes to long and i wish that technology on this would go a whole lot faster then the rate that its going.

That is so true. Everybody talking about how its going to be ok and how it is going to get better. You people don’t know how hard this is until u get type 1.

OMG THaNK U finally i feel like im not the only one he feels this way i feel it all the time. Outsiders don’t understand but diabetics stick together

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I feel the same way. I actually went to the endo today and i just broke down they told me to look for support groups and talk to people with diabetes so I decided to try it out. Sometimes i feel as though no one understands the troubles I deal with every day. Just know you’re not alone.

I knoww. Everyone tells me that this is not such a big deal but they are NOT the one with diabetes it’s me. They don’t know what it is like having diabetes.

I find no matter how much you tell people about what you have to do they still never get it and also I do know a few people with Diabetes as well but they never feel like this and they never experience the same problems that I do.I wish there would be more awareness of T1 Diabetes and what we have to do.